Movie Review – Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens

Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens Movie

The new movie Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens debuted in theaters on Dec.18, 2015. Directed by J.J. Abrams, it starred newcomers Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, and Adam Driver. Thirty-two years after the Battle of Endor, the galactic conflicts continues as The Resistance fights to overthrow The First Order. The conflict draws a young scavenger from the planet Jakku, a rogue stormtrooper, and a veteran starfighter pilot together.

Nostalgia abounds as the story unfolds on the desert planet of Jakku, where agent Po Dameron seeks information on the whereabouts of Luke Skywalker, while a young woman named Rey makes a living salvaging scrap metal from the desert sands. After getting the information needed from an old man at a small desert hamlet, Po finds the First Order forces following him. The leader of the Order, a mysterious Sith warrior named Kylo Ren, orders the slaughter of the village inhabitants. One particular soldier in the unit refuses his command. Po fights back but is captured and interrogated aboard the Order command ship. entrusting the data to his astromech Droid BB-8, the droid escapes into the desert and meets Rey. Po is freed and escapes the enemy ship with the help of the rogue trooper FN-1187, whom Po decides to call Finn. BB-8 convinces Rey to find passage off planet and return to the resistance. Finn and Po crash land back on Jakku and Po seemingly perishes. Finn meets Rey and BB-8 at the primary Jakku spaceport and escape pursuing TIE fighters aboard an old familiar starfreighter. From there, the adventure continues as new worlds are explored, characters both familiar and new are met, shocking revelations and discoveries occur, and the galactic war escalates.

I was amazed and enthralled by every second of the film, full of exotic locales, fascinating characters and incredible technology. The film felt like a faithful re imagining of the original classic, familiar and surprising at the same time; full of funny moments, personal triumphs, surprising revelations, and shocking tragedies. I found myself quoting dialogue from the original film to underscore the similarities while watching the movie. I am eager for the next installment of the saga to continue this epic tale.



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