The Social Club

social seeds

Here at SEEDS, we offer classes like Social Club, Film Club, and Exercise Club. My name is Sydney and I am involved in the Social Club. I chose to be part of the Social Club because it looked like a lot of fun. What’s currently happening in the Social Club is a video skit about failed superheroes called the Midnight Society. We have also been playing some games like Freeze Tag in the parking lot.

There have been some rough times in the club, mostly due to disagreements among cast members. We got through those disagreements though by talking with each other and kept going. The Social Club is a club where you can learn not only how to make a video but also to make friends and have fun. The Social Club has been going on for about 8 weeks from 1:30 to 3:00 in the afternoon on Thursdays.

The people that are in Social Club are: Megan, Sydney, Alex, Angel, Jimmy, Justin, Jesse, Emma, Brianna, and Andy. The video is about a group of failed superheroes called the Midnight Society, who try but fail to help an old man who’s being mugged. They then start to argue about who’s fault it is and then they split up and go their separate ways. The whole idea of the skit is to have fun and be silly. We are having lots of fun working together to make the skit. The club helps us communicate more openly with each other.

In conclusion, the Social Club is a really great time because we get to have fun and act goofy. The club is also a great way to make new friends and hang out. That’s why Social Club is so much fun. I would absolutely participate in the club again and I would recommend the club to future students here at SEEDs.


(This article was originally published in the SEEDs for Autism newsletter)


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