Phoenix Comicon


This month, I’m going to talk about a local event that’s happening in Phoenix called Comicon. This is an event where many fictional characters appear at the convention center to meet fans and have a good time.

Comicon is where a group of comics, movie, TV, Video Games, and Science Fiction fans are put altogether in the Comicon Convention. When you first go into Phoenix Comicon, you go into an air conditioned building where the music is playing from the radios and the registration people give out guidebook maps to show you where the areas are located. Many people cosplay as their own characters, which means they dress up in costumes. However, other people that aren’t cosplaying usually wear character printed and illustrated clothing for the convention.

Phoenix Comicon has different party events listed in the guidebook such as “AHH! That’s Super Cool, “Anime/Manga themed Ohayo Cafe” and “The 1980’s themed Kung Furious 8-bit Bash.” These parties I mentioned are for everyone, but there are other parties that are 18+ only. Phoenix Comicon has many activities like art rooms for drawings and crafts, cosplaying, creating comic strips, the Ghostbusters franchise, science fair projects, how to draw My Little Pony, Lego free build, dancing steps, and more. This year at Phoenix Comicon, they have Animaniacs show characters, a limited edition Phoenix Comicon supply pod from NASA, the Jurassic World video game at Lego Lounge, Labyrinth 30th anniversary masquerade ball, Cosplay Fashion show and many others.


This year, Phoenix Comicon runs from June 2nd through the 5th and will be featuring Dr. Who, Animaniacs, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and so much more. My experiences at the Phoenix Comicon convention have been really great. Last year, I joined my dad and his girlfriend Gayle at the Vamplets booth for a full event pass. I did my very own cosplay as Dragonair from Pokemon. On this year, I’m going to cosplay my next character as the Red Bombergirl and will be going for a one day membership.

I want my audience to know about going to Phoenix Comicon and encourage them to buy a ticket and attend the event. It’s a great place to visit Phoenix Comicon this early June, I hope to see you there.




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