My top 10 favorite animals that most people have never heard of #10


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10. Axolotl/Mexican Walking Fish

Despite it’s nickname the Axolotl is NOT a fish, it’s actually a salamander. Axolotls are only found in one place on Earth, Lake Xochimilco near Mexico City, Mexico. Though not very common, some people keep Axolotls as pets. The reason I like Axolotls is because of their cartoon-like appearance, their small black, round eyes and their almost always smiling mouth.

Fun Facts:

*Unlike most amphibians Axolotls never grow out of their gills and spend their whole lives under water.

*Lake Xochimilo is a very popular tourist spot with boats driving in it all the time. With all the boats around the Axolotls often lose their limbs to the propellers, but that doesn’t stop them, because Axolotls can grow back any part of their body including their HEADS! If a Axolotl loses their head the head will grow a new body and the body will grow a new head.

*The Pokemon Wooper is based on the Axolotls.

~Breanna D.

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