Godzilla by Daniel
Godzilla by Daniel

Godzilla was my favorite character of all time since I was a child. He’s a dinosaur that stands like a human and shoots plasma fire out of his mouth. He’s crossed between Tyrannosaurus Rex, Iguanodon, and Stegosaurus because of his dorsal spines on his back. In Japan, he was known as Gojira. In USA he was called Godzilla. His origins revealed that he was a normal irradiated dinosaur that was mutated by the atomic bomb turning him into a giant atomic monster. He swims in the ocean and destroys buildings in cities like Japan. He also fights monsters like King Ghidorah, the three headed dragon, Gigan, an alien, and Mechagodzilla his robotic counterpart. He also has monsters that he fought that became allies such as Rodan a pterosaur, Anguirus an ankylosaur, and Mothra a giant moth.

He shoots a beam of blue plasma fire out of his mouth when his dorsal spines glow. He first started out as a villain and later became a hero by saving the world. He’s also a father because of a baby Godzilla like him, and he’s an environmentalist, because he’s saving the earth from an Smog Monster called Hedorah. He comes in different designs throughout the years as he was starring in 28 movies. Some excluded the 1998 American remake film which features an Iguana like dinosaur creature. He was famous for his trademark roar and atomic breath. In the legendary film of the reboot series of Godzilla, he was the force of nature, fighting those that disrupt the balance and restoring nature’s balance back to normal. In the 2014 film Godzilla was a prehistoric amphibious monster from the Permian period. He lay dormant in the center of the earth consuming radiation until he rose to the Present day fighting the new creatures called Mutos, parasitic monsters that have the same origin as Godzilla. M.U.T.O means Massive-Unidentified-Terrestrial-Organism. The Legendary Godzilla’s design was inspired by the Grizzly Bear, Bald Eagle, Komodo Dragon, Lion and an American Alligator. And that’s how Godzilla became the most popular culture monster.

by Daniel


Photo of Daniel drawing Godzilla by Jenna


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