My top 10 favorite animals that most people have never heard of #8

sand dollar

#8 Sand Dollar

Size: 3 in. (7.6 cm)

I know many people HAVE heard of sand dollars, but not many know that they’re living creatures. Sand dollars are a type of sea urchin. They can be found in sand at the seafloor. Living sand dollars look very different than the shells that wash up on the beach, they have small, fuzzy, dark purple spines covering their bodies hiding their famous star pattern. I think sand dollars are interesting because of their beautiful pattern.

Fun Facts.

*Just like with trees you can tell the age of a sand dollar by counting the rings on it’s shell.

*If you carefully open up a sand dollar you will find little shell pieces inside that look like 5 doves and a star. There is a Christian legend about this.

~Breanna D.

sand dollar legend

Legend of the sand dollar on Pinterest


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