The Lord Of The Rings: The 3rd Age (Review)

Hello, My name is Charles and I’m here to review the “Lord Of The Rings: The 3rd Age” game for the PlayStation 2, Xbox and Nintendo GameCube Consoles. In this game, you control a party of 6 characters specifically created for this game consisting of Berethor: Captain of the Citadel Guard of Gondor (Human Male) (Leadership Skills, Sword & Shield), Idrial: Lothlorien Elf (Elven Female) (Sword & Light Magic), Elegost: Dunedain Ranger (Human Male) (Ranger Skills, Bow & Arrows), Hadhod: Clan of Fundin (Dwarven Male) (Axes, WarHammers & Shadow Magic), Morwen: Rohan’s Battle Maiden (Human Female) (Dual Axes & Thievery) & Eaoden: Rohan OutRider (Human Male) (Spears, Shields & Spirit Powers).

In certain parts of the game you will join forces with the heroes of the Lord Of The Rings movie franchise in order to combat certain enemies and bosses such as Gandalf the Grey (Wizard) (Magic) VS the Balrog of Morgoth on the Bridge of Khazad-Dum at the end of Eastern Moria, Gandalf the White (Wizard) (Magic) VS the WitchKing of Angmar astride his Fell Beast Near the end of Minas Tirith, Aranel: Idrial’s Brother (Elven Male) (Bow & Arrows) assisting you in battle against Saruman’s Fighting Uruk-Hai throughout key points at the East Enmet Gullies, Faramir: Son of Denethor (Human Male) (Bow & Arrows) VS the Orc Commander Gothmog at two key points at Osgiliath, Eowen: Shield Maiden of Rohan (Human Female) (Sword & Shield) VS the WitchKing of Angmar in direct combat at Pelennor Fields, Gimli: Son of Gloin (Dwarven Male) (Axes) assisting you at the Breached Wall at Helm’s Deep, Legolas: Son of Thranduil (Elven Male) (Dual Daggers) assisting you at the Deeping Wall at Helm’s Deep & Aragorn: Son of Arathorn (Human Male) (Sword) assisting you at the Gates of the HornBurg at Helm’s Deep and at Pelennor Fields.

At other times you fight infamous creatures and villains independently such as the Watcher in the Water at the entrance to Moria as well as inside Western Moria, Grima WormTongue at Snowbourne’s Great Hall, the Warg Rider captain Sharku just before arriving at Helm’s Deep, and the Dark Lord Sauron at the top of the Dark Tower of Barad-Dur. In this game, you will traverse Middle-Earth in order to help the Fellowship of the Ring save Middle-Earth from the Dark Forces of Mordor while traveling through exotic locations consisting of the Forests of Eregion, Western Moria, Eastern Moria, East Enmet Gullies, Rohan: Home of the Horse Lords, Helm’s Deep: Rohan’s Stronghold, Osgiliath: Gondor’s Capital, Minas Tirith: City of Kings and Pelennor Fields. This adventure you undertake takes place in the 3rd Age of Middle-Earth from the wilds of Eregion to a final confrontation against the Dark Lord Sauron at the Dark Fortress of Bara-Dur in the Land of Mordor.

During the game, you will unlock Epic Scenes which consists of specialized Lord of the Rings Movie Clips, most of which are personally narrated by Gandalf himself. In conclusion, Lord Of The Rings: The 3rd Age is a game that spans the entire Lord Of The Rings Trilogy franchise and in my opinion is ranked as the #1 game out of the entire Lord Of The Rings video game franchise.

As Posted By: Charles F.


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  1. Pablo August 30, 2022 / 7:56 pm

    Nice Review!! Thankyou Charles!!


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