Lone Wolf


In a small grotto, a soft wind blows and a young man stands over two gravestones. He places some flowers on the ground at each of the headstones. It has been a long time since I’ve been back, I’m sorry. I have had a lot of fun adventures, made a lot friends and lived, truly lived. Tears start to fall. It is still hard to go on sometimes. I live on while others age to dust around me, but I learned I’m not alone. There are others like me. They finally found how use my DNA to help others now. I’m sorry it never made it in time for you guys. And now they chose me to go into space as part of a group of explorers. I get to live my dream now, thanks you guys for everything.

He sat sat there for bit talking to the head stones.

Soon he heard heard footsteps and a voice called out to him,

“Hey Jesse you coming? Tomorrow is the big day, better get some sleep.”

“Be right there Shawn!” Jesse calls back.

Thanks guys. I love you both. I won’t be back for long time but I’m not so sad anymore.

He got up and As he headed back to the house,

The wind blew dirt off the gravestones revealing writing it read:

“To the two people who made me who I am, may we meet again some day.”

As the sun, sets the light comes through and lights up the area. As if to respond to the young man .

The boy looks back and smiles.

Thanks guys.. He said heading back into the house.


To be continued…..
Story by

J.L. Wolf


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