My name is Keri and I like to travel. There are a lot of things that I like about traveling. I like to see the different lands, also hiking, walking the mountains, or going to the beach. I also like to read books on traveling. Travel books show the different places you can see like the top 10 scenery sites or places to visit. Travel books have a lot of interesting information, but it does depend on the book. They show famous things and landmarks. You can provide feedback when you read travel books to add your own comments. They are very interesting too. I like to sightsee in new places and eat different kinds of ethnic food. I like to look at everything in sight.  You can learn a lot about different places when you go and see them for yourself. Walking, hiking and backpacking are good forms of exercise you can do while traveling.

The different ways you can travel is by boat, plane, walking, hiking and backpacking and by car. When you travel by water you can ride in a boat. When you travel by air you can ride in a plane. Backpacking is great because you have to walk on foot. You can see wildlife, but it depends on where you go.

I like to travel for relaxation and see the scenery and it just depends where l like to travel too. My experience traveling to Flagstaff was very nice and there was good weather. I like to hike and walk the road. It has good scenery. It even hailed when I was up there. It’s was very beautiful up there. It’s very peaceful.

It is very nice when we go too. Flagstaff is about not that far from Phoenix. You can get there by airplane or drive.  It’s probably nice to drive so you can stop in Sedona and get a bit to eat. It is great to be relaxed.  Then in Sedona you can take the back roads to Flagstaff, it doesn’t take long.

In conclusion, you can learn a lot about travel and seeing different places like the mountains and the beach.

BY Keri


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