Autism is Special


In my years of life I thought I was different than everyone, but at the age of 15 my parents were asked by a doctor to have me take a test. My parents were shocked to find out I had a disorder called autism. At first, they thought I was just slow, but now they knew the truth. So then I felt different from other people until I went to high school and I met some interesting people that became my friends. Some people acted like me and some were more special. When I was in junior year, I began to learn how to help them with school. Years after high school I had an idea that instead of college I began to do research on autism so not only me but the world could have more understanding for people with autism. I already had some inspiration my old teacher Miss Early and my friends, so I began to keep a journal. Here is some information from my journal: “If you have autism, you have stronger emotions like anger, happiness, sadness, confusion, hunger, love, pain, fear and boredom.” So now I thought about expanding my research from the things I learned from Seeds for Autism. I bet there is a lot to learn from autism, but the coolest thing about it is that there is always something new to learn about autism and it will never end.

by Matthew A           


One thought on “Autism is Special

  1. What a great post. I didn’t find out I had autism until my daughters were diagnosed. They thought lots of different things were wrong with me before that. I think the world will be much better if people with autism research and discuss autism as well as doctors etc. because we can see it from another angle. Good luck!


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