This year for Thanksgiving I have something new to be thankful for: Seeds For Autism. When  I started coming here I made friends like Sydney and Jeff. The people I met here are really nice and I even have a crush on someone. At Seeds For Autism I learn things I want to know like writing on a blog, doing ceramics, making products and learning how to help people like me. There are some mentors that I look up to like Michele she does awesome artwork and good at writing on the blog. She made me believe that I could make art that could get in a museum. Maryann helps a lot of us and I want to learn how to help the others too. Ann makes great ceramics and I would like to see the stuff I make get sold. Hilja does weaving and I loved doing that I made a baby beanie. So for Thanksgiving I’m thankful for going to the Seeds For Autism and seeing the people that are like family to me.   


One thought on “Thanksgiving

  1. autistsix November 27, 2016 / 1:41 pm

    you only get out what you put it, but I am so pleased you found such a wonderful place that lets you put the effort in. I’ve started a few things this year that have helped me a lot with the Autism Association of Western Australia. I wish you all the best!


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