World of Final Fantasy

  Hello, my name is Charles and I’m here to talk about the new PS4 game World Of Final Fantasy. World Of Final Fantasy is the 3rd Final Fantasy Crossover to appear on the Sony Playstation console featuring Princess Sarah and the Warrior Of Light (Sword and Shield) from Final Fantasy I, Refia (White Mage) from Final Fantasy III, Rydia (Summoner) and Rydia’s Esper companion Mist Dragon from Final Fantasy IV, Bartz Klauser (Mimic) and his Chocobo companion Boko, Gilgamesh (Mercenary) and Faris Scherwiz (Pirate) from Final Fantasy V, Terra Branford (Esper-Summoner) and her MagiTek Armor, Edgar Roni Figaro (Warrior-King) and Celes Chere (Knight)(Runic Blade: Sword) from Final Fantasy VI, Cloud Strife (Soldier-1st Class)(Buster: Blade Sword) from Final Fantasy VII, Tifa Lockhart (Martial Arts Master) from Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, Shelk Rui (DeepGround Soldier)(Twin EM Sabers) from Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus and Sephiroth (One Winged Angel)(MasaMune: Katana) from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Squall Leonhart (GunBlade: Revolver Class Model) and Quistis Trepe (Whip)(SeeDs Mercenaries) from Final Fantasy VIII, Vivi Ornitier (Black Mage) Eiko Carol (Summoner) and Eiko’s Esper/Wolf companion Fenrir from Final Fantasy IX, Tidus (BlitzBall Player)(Brotherhood: Sword) and Yuna (High Summoner) From Final Fantasy X & Rikku (Al Bhed Warrior/Treasure Hunter) from Final Fantasy X-2, Shantotto (Sorceress) from Final Fantasy XI, Lightning (Angelic Warrior)(Crimson Blade: Sword) from Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns, Snow Villiers (Adventurous Warrior) from Final Fantasy XIII and Chocolatte (Chocobo Lover-Merchant) from Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Sherlotta (Sorceress/ShapeShifter-Human to Cat and Back Again) from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes Of Time. Also, Final Fantasy summoning based creatures make a reappearance in this game consisting of Ramuh (Thunder), Shiva(Ice), Ifrit (Fire), Valefor (Wind), Cactuar (Desert), TonBerry (Assassin), Siren (Magic), Leviathan (Water), Diabolos (Dark), Carbuncle (Healer-Illusionist), Odin (Warrior), Bahamut (Dragon) and Ultima Weapon (Divine). The main protagonists are Lann, his older twin sister Reynn, their magical friend, companion and navigator Tama (short for Tamamohime) and their mystical friend and Mirage CareTaker Seraphie (short for Diva Seraphie). The main antagonists are leaders of the Bahamutian Federation consisting of Pellinore: the Plumed Knight, Segwarides: the Knight in the Golden Mask and Brandelis: the Herald King. The game’s story takes place in a world called Grymoire through scenic Final Fantasy locations such as Cornelia from Final Fantasy I, PyreGlow Forest from Final Fantasy X, Saronia from Final Fantasy III, Nibelheim from Final Fantasy VII, Mako Reactor 0 from Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus, Besaid from Final Fantasy X, the Library of the Ancients, Figaro’s Castle and the UnderGround Prison from Final Fantasy VI. This game also features iconic Final Fantasy monsters such as Princess Goblin (Royalty), Behemoth (Beast), Moogle (Misc), Bomb (Fire) and Undead Princess (Death). In conclusion, this game not only celebrates Final Fantasy’s 30th anniversary but in my opinion is the next best thing after both the Dissidia: Final Fantasy games for the Sony PSP and the Final Fantasy: Theatrhythm for the Nintendo 3DS.




(Top: Lann with his Allies Tama and Behemoth and Reynn with her companoins Chocochick and Magitek Armor)

(Middle: Game Poster)

(Bottom: Final Fantasy characters from left to right(Lightning-FF13, Tidus-FF10, Warrior Of Light-FF1, Cloud-FF7 and Squall-FF8)


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