How the 4 brave princes saved the 4 sleeping princesses from the wicked witch’s spell

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Once upon a time, there were 4 princesses named Molly, Polly, Dolly and Holly, 4 princes named Peter, Andrew, Henry, and Charles and 2 witches named Bridgette and Megan. One day, a king and queen wished for 4 daughters. At the same moment, a king and queen from a nearby kingdom wished for 4 sons. Both wishes were granted by Megan the kind witch, and the princes and princesses were born, but Bridgette the evil witch overheard the wishes and cast a spell on the 4 princesses, that on their 16th birthday they would prick their fingers on 4 sharp knitting needles and die a slow death. Megan found out about the spell and although she couldn’t undo the spell, she could change it, so instead of dying, the princesses would instead, fall into a deep sleep for 20 years until Princes Peter, Andrew, Henry and Charles woke them up with 4 kisses. The king wrote a law that said that all knitting needles had to be burned. Then Megan came up with a good idea, take the princesses into the dark forest and raise them until their 16th birthday, after which they would be returned to the castle. Time went on with the princesses growing up. 16 years later, Bridgette found them and tricked them into pricking their fingers and falling into a deep sleep, from which only the 4 princes could wake them up. The princesses were laid to ageless sleep on 4 beds in the castle’s dungeon. 20 years passed before the princes heard about the princesses in the dungeon and decided to rescue them. Bridgette was determined to stop the princes so she kidnapped them and took them to her castle tower and chained them to the tower wall. Then a friendly mouse found the princes and decided to free them by using the metal pin on the floor. Then the princes climbed onto their stallions and galloped to the castle where the 4 princesses were sleeping in the dungeon. The castle was surrounded on all sides by a thick wall of green vines, but the princes didn’t give up, they used the magic staff that had been given to them by Megan to get through the vines. Bridgette then turned herself into a dragon to stop them, but the 4 princes defeated her by throwing a spear at her chest, which killed her instantly. The princes then ran down the stairs in the dungeon to the room where the 4 princesses were sleeping, kissed them, they woke up and were reunited with their thrilled parents who threw a huge party in their honor. Then the princes married the princesses with the ceremony presided over by the brides’ parents and they all lived happily ever after.

by Sydney

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