Digimon World: Next Order

Hello, my name is Charles and I’m here to talk about Digimon World: Next Order for the PlayStation 4 console. This game is an Open World RPG and is the 7th Digimon World game to be developed. The main hero and heroine of this game are Takuto and his partner digimon Agumon and Gabumon as well as Shiki and her partner digimon Biyomon and Palmon. Together with their friends Kouta and his partner digimon Guilmon, Himari and her partner digimon Salamon & Shoma and his partner digimon MetalEtemon and Titamon as well as their digimon allies JiJimon and Taomon and their human allies Mirei MikaGura and her partner digimon Angewomon and LadyDevimon & Rina Shinomiya and her partner Digimon UlForceVeeDramon, they must save the digital world from the Mega-Level digimon known as MachineDramon. In this game you must also raise your digimon by feeding it, training it and caring for it. In my opinion, playing Digimon World games are kind of like working on a farm (if you were raising Digital Monsters). In Conclusion, This game will offer imaginative discoveries as well as teach you how to be responsible caregivers and will be released in the us on January 31 2017.

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Image result for digimon world next order

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