The Legend of the Werewolf


By J.L. Wolffire


Prologue: The fever

When I was 10 years old my family and I took a vacation to place called Fever Swamp in Florida. Soon after a lot of people got sick including me and my family. The virus killed my family but I was still suffering. It felt like my whole body was being torn apart. The doctors on call gave pain meds to help the massive pain I was having and soon I drifted off to sleep.

“This is bad.” A Doctor said

“I know Dr. Freed.” A nurse said

“The kid is a fighter.” Dr. Freed said

“For now all we can do is make him comfortable.”  Dr. Freed said


-A few days later-


My eyes opened to a dimly lit room. I heard a steady beeping. My body felt sore. My sense of smell was way better than it ever was. And I can see in the dark. My ears picked up sounds I did not hear before. I felt better than I did when I was sick. Someone came into my room.

“Hey you’re awake.” A voice said

“Who are you?” I asked

“You don’t remember do you?” he asked

“No sorry.” I said

“It’s okay, you and your family came down with a fever that killed a lot of people, you have been asleep for about 4 days.” He said

“My family, they’re dead aren’t they?” I asked

“Yeah, I’m sorry.” He said

Tears started fall

“There is a family that said that they would take you in. They live here and have a place near the swamp.” He said

“I’d like that.” I said

About an hour later I managed to calm down and tried finding something be happy about. I sighed knowing it would take time. After a bit, I got dressed. Jeans and a sports tank top along with some really cool looking sandals.

 I smiled as I saw myself.

“Wonder if I can have my stuff from my house shipped out here?” I asked

“Someone is already working that.” Dr. Freed said

“So the foster family, when are they coming for me?” I asked

“I just called them, they will be here in about an hour or so.” Dr. Freed said

“I called a friend of mine to move the stuff from your house in the Midwest to your foster home.” Dr freed said

“Thanks.”  I said

Soon I was in a jeep heading for my new foster home.

“So you got a name?” the man next to me asked

“Jesse.”  I said

“I’m Jack, my son Danny is about your age.” Jack said

“Thanks for taking me in.” I said

 “The virus did a lot of damage and took a lot of lives. We moved out of town when it happened. Once they gave us the all clear we moved. A lot kids are left without families. I was one the many families that signed up to adopt those who lost their families .” Jack said

“Danny and his friends tell tales around campfire at night.” Jack said

“That’s life in the 70’s for you.” I said

“Yep, good times.” Jack said

“Do you believe in the scary tales people tell?” Jack asked

“Yeah, I love investigating them.” I said

“Lots of my stuff back at my old house helps me investigate them.” I said

We pulled into the house. It looked like a mansion and around it were cornfields and I saw an old mine, too.

“Oh I am loving this place already.” I said

“I thought you might.” He said

We head into the house and met with Danny. We soon became friends and we headed to his room. It’s a huge room, seeming to be a mix of pirate ship and forest. Danny was year older than me. He is really cool.

“So, up for a camp out tonight?” he asked

“Sure.” I said

As night drew closer we headed for the spot. Along way I heard something. It sounded so familiar.

“Jesse what is it?” Danny asked

“It some kind of noise, it’s so strange. It’s not far, come on.”  I said

I ran off towards where the sound was coming from.

“Jesse, slow down!” Danny called out

I did and he caught up and we came to a clearing.

“Ok, now I hear it too.” Danny said

We looked around and soon I stopped. Something wasn’t quite solid but was fast becoming so. With an echoing thud the object that was semi transparent was now fully materialized.  

“Is that a police box?” Danny asked

“Looks like it but there is more to it.” I said

We headed over. And I ran my hand across the wood.

“Feels like wood. But do you feel that?” I asked

Danny put his hand on the wood.

“That is crazy.” Danny said

The door opened inward and a man poked his head out. He was tall, wore a pin stripe suit, Converse shoes and had a brown trench coat.

“Oi Ello there.” he said

“Hi.” I said

The man looked at us.

“What are you lot doing out in this area at this time?” he asked

“Umm, we could ask you the same question.” Danny said

“Well, I got lost. Well, me and my companion did.” The man said

“Umm who are you?” I asked

“Oh sorry, where are my manners.” The man said

“I’m the doctor.” 

My eyes shot wide.

“No, ugh I should have known that noise.” I said

The doctor looked at me

“Sorry you must not know, huh.” I said

“The events of your life is on a TV show called Dr. Who.  You must be a future version, seeing as I don’t recognize your face.” I said 

“Oh well that’s neat.” He said

“Hey we’re heading for a campsite to tell some tales around camp fire. You up for it?” I asked

“Sure, just let get Rose.” He said

“Can we come in?” I asked trying to contain my joy.

“Sure.” The Doctor said

“Danny, now be warned it going to be a bit of shock.” I said

We head in, and even though I had seen it countless times, I still was in awe.

“Holy crap!” I said

“Whoa.” I Danny said

“We met with Rose and told her about what was happening. She seemed happy.

The Doctor explained to Danny and me how they got stuck

“So you guys got lost in Timestorm huh?” I asked “

“So, I have asked because I know your ego.” I said

“Doctor who?” I asked

He brimmed

“You do know me.” The Doctor said

“I know about Susan, Andric, and the master all that.” I said

“Oi you really are just a TV show here.” Rose said

“So I take it you can’t get back huh?” I asked

The doctor looked sad.

“Yes the way here was one way. But I sent a message to my other selves.” The doctor said

 “Well it will be nice have some crazy stuff around here.” Danny said

“The 4 of us headed off to the campsite. We got there and found out it was just us tonight.

“Well not so bad.” Danny said

“Look the others could not make it.”  I said

“Yeah it happens.” Danny said

Danny told a story about a ghost cab. Then the doctor told a few. The night had fallen.

“Wow it’s late.” I said

I suddenly felt funny.

“Are you ok Jesse?” The doctor asked

“Yeah I was affected by a virus that swept this town. It killed my family and left me alone. I’m not sure why I was spared, but I’m not the same as I was before I got sick.” I said

The doctor took out his sonic and scanned me

“Oh well that is interesting.” The doctor said

“Rose. Do you remember when we met the queen and the beast she was plagued by?” The doctor asked

“Yeah what but what does that have do with this?”Rose asked

“Well I scanned the beast we encountered and after scanning Jesse here the readings are very similar.

“Wait what that supposes to mean?” I asked

“Jesse the virus that swept through here is not one normally found so easily” The doctor said

“Just tell me!” I said but it sounded more like snarl

“I’m sorry I …” I said

“It’s ok.” The Doctor said

“What is it?” I asked

“You’re a werewolf.” He said

“You serious?  I asked  grinning  

“Yes, but why are you grinning?” The doctor asked

“What am I supposed to do, freak out? That won’t do any good.” I said

“And besides, it makes sense why I heard the noise when Danny did not at first.” I said

The doctor seemed dumbstruck

“The noise that the Tardis makes, I heard it before you landed and I can see in the dark.” I said

I suddenly froze. Unable to move

“Ughh.” I muttered

“Aragghh!” I roared

“It’s started!” the doctor said

“Everyone get back!” The doctor yelled

My hands burst claws.  I grew huge, I was twice as tall as the Doctor with one last roar, blue lightning cracked and flowed across – ash gray and light red fur. The eyes glowed blue. And the mouth seemed have a fiery orange glow.   

I stood there looking around I felt off. I stumbled back and fell on my ass.

“Jesse?” Danny asked

I looked over at Danny and the others.

“Is it you?” the doctor asked

I nodded

“You’re beautiful!” Rose as she ran a hand through my fur

“The lightning is new. The doctor said

After a few minutes I got back on my feet, and I let out a roar.

I grinned

The Doctor looked at me and he grinned

“He’s in control.” Rose said

I tried to talk, but found it came out as snarls and growls.

“Yeah I can work on something for that.” The doctor said

“How did the virus manifest so fast?” Danny asked the Doctor asked

“I’m not sure.” the Doctor said

“Could the Tardis have done something?” Rose asked

I raced around moving too fast for others to see. I tap the Doctor’s shoulders then zipped back.

“Oh ha-ha!” The doctor said

“Well at least he seems happy.” Rose said

“Jesse.” The doctor said

I looked at him

“Are you ok?” The doctor asked

I nodded and grinned

“Never felt better!” I said though it seemed to echo in air

“Wait how is he doing that?” Danny asked

“It seems to be some form of Psychic powers.” The doctor said

“It feels natural when I’m like this.” I said

“Yeah it seemed you bonded with the virus at a level that allows you be in control.” The Doctor said

“Well I do love all things supernatural and spooky.” I said

“My voice sounds echo-y like a ghost.” I said

For the rest of the night I ran around until I was worn out and came to rest in a bed I had made. The sun came over the horizon. When it hit me I reverted back to my child like form. My clothes are a mess. The shirt torn up, my pants are all but gone, leaving me with my slightly damaged boxers I have on.

“Ughha” I groaned as I sat up

“Whoa.” I said

I saw the doctor make breakfast and the Tardis was nearby.

“Morning Doctor.” I said as I came over

“Are Danny and Rose still asleep?” I asked

“Yeah they were up late.” He said

“Wow you look like you had a wild night.” The Doctor said

“Yeah I just ran for a bit, stopped some guy from picking on kids then disappeared before they could even think.” I said

“Guessing the raw meat is mine?” I asked

“If it’s okay I’d like to see, can you eat it?” the Doctor asked

I washed my hands, picked up some the meat and ate it. It tasted amazing.

“Wow.” I said

“Good?”  The Doctor asked

“Yeah it’s really good.” I said

“The virus allows you to eat just about anything.” The doctor said

“Wicked!” I said

“So it’s only at night that I can turn?” I asked

“Not sure. I think you just wore yourself out or it’s because it is your first time.” the Doctor said

After a bit we headed back and I got changed in the Tardis. I met with Jack and told him what had happened and he met the Doctor and Rose.

“Well this town is filled with mysteries like that.” Jack said

“Nice to meet you Doctor.” Jack said

“And you too, Rose. If you need a place we have plenty of room” Jack said

“Yeah I think I’ll stick around and see what else pops up.” the Doctor said

I grinned at that.

Late that afternoon The Doctor and Rose thought it would be a good idea to start up an investigating service for all the stranger things that this world has to offer.

“And we can use the Tardis to travel.” I said

“Yep so are you in?” The doctor asked

“yeah.” I said

“Same. Sounds fun.” Danny said

“I love the town name.” the Doctor said

“Fever Swamp, yeah it has an eerie vibe to it.” Rose said

“Thanks Jesse.” He said

“Hey thanks, take me in.” I said

We started to set up the place.

“Danny tells me the rest of the crew already has a name we can use.”  Rose said

“ Yeah The Midnight Society” I said

“That’s perfect I’m sure the others will agree.” Danny said

“Yeah and imagine when we tell them we’re real werewolves.” I said

“Yeah, Tucker said he would be able to make it tonight as well as Betty Ann.” Danny said

“The more members the better.” I said

The Doctor and Rose brought some boxes with books.

“These might help us.” The doctor said

“No way, is this insane!” I said”

“Hey Jesse!” Danny said

“What? Take a look at this.” Danny said

“The werewolf of Fever swamp.” I said

“Wait that’s me.” I said

“Seems so.” The Doctor said.

“Awesome.” I said

We started looking at some of the books

“This ‘Night in Terror Tower’ looks really promising.”  Rose said

“Yep as does ‘This Monster Blood’, Night of the Living Dummy’, and ‘It Came from the Basement.” The Doctor said

“So where do we start?” I asked


Interlude 1: Enter the Shadowwolf

As the night fell over the town that slept, over head as the moon was high over the town of Fever swamp.  A whirlpool like gateway opened in the sky and a black Jet flew out and landed nearby in a clearing. The portal closed. The glass dome covering the cockpit slid back and a figure climbed out and landed on the ground. The figure’s hand reached up and took off the helmet to reveal an orange haired young man around 16 or 17 years old. His diamond blue eyes seem glow in the darkness.

“Well I made it here, whereever this place is.”  The young man said

“Well at least I don’t have to worry about dying.” He said with a grin

“I just wish I could have taken my friends.” he said

He turns back to his jet and pulls out a small remote, presses a button and the jet seems to disappear. The young man threw his head back and let out a howl. Then turned and headed off towards the trail head. But he stopped and heard something he did not expect – A response.

“No that is not anyone I know, but still.” the young man said

Then the young man broke into a run.

“God I missed this.” He said and disappeared into the woods.



Jesse Shadowwolf

Form the lone wolf story




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