Be a Star

For those on the autism spectrum, finding opportunities to socialize and connect with others can be especially difficult. At SEEDs for Autism, we are happy to provide organized recreational activities in a structured, supportive environment where participants can engage with their peers, cultivate new experiences and have FUN! Our BE A STAR workshop empowered participants to express themselves creatively, practice social skills and SHINE as they learned elements of dance, comedy and theater during this wonderful introduction to performance art! 


I went to the “Be a Star” event at SEEDs for Autism where we learned about theater, dance, and comedy. First I learned dance and what different styles there are and how to express yourself while doing so. The different styles were jazz, ballet, and modern. Jazz dancing is like you’re back in the 50s going to a hop with very energetic lively movements. Ballet is more graceful as if you’re in a fairy-tale dancing with prince charming. Modern is however you feel in the moment you can dance emotions you want to express. The next part was theater and learning how to read a script, speaking when it’s your cue and convincing the audience what you are trying to convey. Last was comedy where we learned how to tell a joke, getting the timing right and to get a laugh out of your audience. In the end I learned about performing and what to do to keep your audience’s attention.


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