Aaron Fotheringham: An Inspiring Athlete by Anna P

Aaron Fotheringham: Flipping Perceptions | Ever Widening Circles

Aaron Fotherinhman is an inspiring athlete and founder of WCMX (sport using wheelchairs by using forms from skateboarding and BMX.)  Born November 8 ,1991, he was born with Spinda Bifida, a birth defect which made him unable to move his legs. However this did not let Aaron down. As a child he would chase other friends on their bikes and refused to be in a special gym class for people with disabilities. One day his brother who was a BMXer said  he should try to skate with his wheelchair. He failed at first but tried again and again until he succeeded. He is now a celebrity athlete known for using a custom made wheelchair and performing with the wheelchair . Doing stunts like black flipping, double backflipping, and when he joined Nitro Circus Live Tour, he went over a fifty foot mega ramp and jumped the ramp going straight. Most people would not except someone in a wheelchair to do this. But Aaron Fotheringham did. Just showing that using a wheelchair he can do skater moves, he can let others see it’s not impossible for them to do similar things with their disabilities. Aaron or his nickname Wheelz is an inspiring athlete that I hope many non athletes and alike will try to see him in person for his amazing talent and perhaps give them encouragement that they to can do things with their disabilities or problems.


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