Chair Yoga at SEEDs for Autism

As part of our exciting online programming, SEEDs for Autism created a series of virtual groups, workshops and clubs where adults on the autism spectrum can connect with their peers through shared interests and opportunities. In this popular class, SEEDs participants improve balance, increase flexibility and relieve stress as they practice chair yoga together. We invited class attendees to share their experiences.

I can do breathing exercises. Yoga helps me relax. It helps me feel better. I can stretch my arms and legs. I felt peaceful and restful.

I was interested in attending the Chair Yoga group to keep myself well exercised. I found the Chair Yoga session to be quite interesting indeed. I learned that in Chair Yoga, flexibility is key. I enjoyed the fact that it loosens the muscles. It made me feel calm, peaceful, relaxed & unwound.

When I first started out, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the experience. I’ve been known to be restless as well as ansty in everyday life and have never attended yoga before. I was nervous about giving it up on the first tryout. Once I gave the class a try, I began to relax while taking my time breathing as I followed Katrina’s (Instructor) workout in front of the class. I would also practice slow movements while I watched her perform. Since then, I’ve been attending more yoga classes to get myself more exercise as well as to learn tranquility so I could do better in life.

I was interested in joining the chair yoga because I wanted to do some exercising in the morning to start my day.  My experience in it was fun and I got to see my friends and wish them a good morning. I learned the different positions to help stretch certain parts of the body like the legs, arms and torso. I enjoyed seeing Katrina (Instructor) it’s always nice to see her and seeing everyone else trying their best. It made me feel great to stretch and have a great start to my day.

I participated in the chair yoga class. It has been fun. I learned different exercises and breathing exercises. It made me feel tired.


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