Doing the Right Thing Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

Doing the right thing isn’t always easy – in fact, sometimes it’s real hard – but just remember doing the right thing is always right. – David Cotrell

Part of life is doing the things that are necessary, although they may not be what we want to do. At SEEDs for Autism, our participants learn to be flexible, cooperative and to be team players as they perform tasks that may not be their favorite. Our unique program provides adults on the autism spectrum valuable life skills and coping skills that will enable them to adapt to situations at home, at work or out in community.

A few of the things I should be doing are: Staying active and healthy, being independent and having a job. It is important for me to do these things anyway because I would feel accomplished and will have been successful with my goals. 

It’s hard to workout and eat healthy. But it’s important so you don’t get diseases,  stay healthy and be a better person.

I don’t like cleaning dog poop because it will be very stinky but I’m responsible for keeping the backyard clean and I can handle it.

Things I don’t like to do but I do them anyway:

1. Balance my check book
2. Clean my bathroom
3. Make my bed
4. Shopping for sandals


This article was featured in an issue of the SEEDs for Autism Newsletter. If you would like to subscribe and hear more stories from SEEDs participants, please visit our websiteThank you!


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