How Has Coming to SEEDs Improved Your Life?

Every day at SEEDs for Autism, we see personal development, self-confidence and skill building as our participants step out of their comfort zones and GROW! We celebrate the progress as these talented adults on the autism spectrum learn to embrace new experiences, gain confidence, find meaningful employment, achieve independence and cultivate friendships with their peers. One of the best ways to measure this growth is to ask our participants directly: How has coming to SEEDs improved your life?

Before I started working at Sprouts, I’d been going to SEEDs for Autism for seven years. SEEDs taught me how to find a job, how to apply for jobs, how to make resumes, being flexible, making new friends, staying on task and other things. Two months ago, I applied for a job at Sprouts and I got an interview a week later. After the interview they hired me right away and I started my first day at Sprouts on February 5. I love it so far because everyone is so nice and friendly. My co-workers are also nice, friendly and fun to chat with. This Thursday will be my one month anniversary at Sprouts. I’m so proud of myself that I found a job and still come to SEEDs. My position at Sprouts is a Courtesy Clerk, which is bagging, collecting carts, keeping the store and the bathrooms clean and helping people load their groceries in their car. 

SEEDs has helped me improve my social skills, and learn new things as well!

Seeds has helped me learn skills to deal with stressful events in my life. Also when I feel stressed out or upset, projects at SEEDs help take my mind off what happened.

  Talia, Ryan M., Isaiah and Kyle build social skills as they cultivate friendships!

I have friends and Seeds makes me happy.

My parents want me to be independent and make my own money when I get a job to take care of my family when they grow old. The reason I came to Seeds was to find the right place where people can understand me when I’m feeling stressed and also I would like to have someone help me with my job when I’m having trouble with my tasks and skills.
Seeds is a better place than any other job training I tried before since I had a very difficult time doing my job right and I got yelled at a lot of times for not listening carefully for instructions. With Seeds, my instructors are nice to me and I learn new things at each department I go to on the schedule that Ms. Mary Ann makes.
I like the teamwork at Seeds because I like to get along with others and make things together while learning new things. Whenever I’m feeling stress I will let my instructors know I need to calm down and go to a quiet place to pull myself together. 

 Jesse demonstrates focus as he works on a project in the Sewing Department.

Seeds makes my life better. My friends make me happy. I learn about making goat milk soap and I learn about sewing. Seeds make me happy.

During my stint at Seeds, I have reunited with some longtime friends from my elementary and high school days while also making some new friends. Before my stint, woodturning was the area where I did not have experience, but over time, I have learned firsthand from the instructor, Ed. Also, in Newsletter, I have seen poetry created by fellow participants, which inspired me to create my own poem below as an example. The poem I wrote is what I think represents love in the five senses from my perspective.

Love looks like a boy and a girl holding hands
Love sounds like ocean waves
Love tastes like chocolate cake
Love smells like vanilla coconut bath soap
Love feels like a girl kissing me on my cheek

Friendships GROW at Seeds for Autism!


This article was featured in an issue of the SEEDs for Autism Newsletter. If you would like to subscribe and hear more stories from SEEDs participants, please visit our websiteThank you!


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