Think Before You Speak

Being cooped up at home for extended periods of time can often be challenging. Tempers can be short and it is extra important to exercise self control with our words and our actions. One of the things we teach at SEEDs is “filtering” our thoughts before we speak them out loud. In this article, we asked SEEDs participants to share their thoughts on why it is important to THINK before we SPEAK. 

It is important to think before you speak because when you say a thought out loud that you don’t want the other person to hear, it will hurt feelings. Also it’s best to keep bad thoughts we have about others to ourselves; let’s be kind to one another. When I was over at a friend’s house spending the night we were having fun chilling. When her family and I sat together for dinner they started asking questions about certain topics I have thoughts on but I decided to keep them to myself. Because we were having fun, I didn’t want the situation to get weird so I gave a vague polite answer then moved on to something else. This was for the best. I think we should remind ourselves daily to think before we speak.

I have many examples of where I had to think before speaking at work. One of the co-workers I work with makes me angry because she wants me to bag groceries her way. Often I get angry at this and think about saying something rude to her because of my anger. I never say anything rude to my co-worker because that will lead to a confrontation, which would not be good because it could lead to loss of job or working with a coworker who has a grudge. What I do instead is just tell her I’m doing the best I can do and say I will do the groceries her way. My co-worker still complains but doing the best I can do is all that matters.

All my early life, I mostly spoke my thoughts instead of keeping them in my head when I’m supposed to. It can be really difficult to keep your thoughts to yourself, not just myself. 

I guess people don’t realize it’s more important to keep your thoughts to yourself or you will make others feel bad about themselves and not want to be your friend anymore. Swearing included whenever you’re dealing with kids.

I dare you to give this importance a thought and try to do better with it.


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