Deer Guardian – A Project by Chris M

Greetings, it’s Chris M.

BIG News I’d like to share! I am working on my first animated feature film, titled “Sika Deer Guardian“. It’s currently in the story development phase for now. Once I’ve settled on the final outline, I will share scripting duty with a new screenwriter whom I’ve met recently. In the meantime, here’s your first look at some early concept art for the movie in development. Enjoy!


Hey there, it’s Chris again.
Following the announcement that I’m working on my first animated film, I have now decided on an official title for my special project: “Deer Guardian“! In addition to the title change, I’m looking to set up crowdfunding to help with certain parts of production, such as casting and the overall animation. If you are interested in lending your support to this special project, it would help very much.


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