Disney’s Pinocchio Live Action Remake by Chris M

As a boy growing up, I never read the book, The Adventures Of Pinocchio, until probably my early days in High School. I only watched Disney’s Pinocchio, which I find to not only be more kid-friendly than the book, but also way better. I mean, I didn’t even see much footage from the 2021 Italian live-action version.

Now, here I am at 30 years old and Disney’s doing a live-action remake of Pinocchio starring Tom Hanks as Pinocchio’s creator Geppetto, which is alright with me due to Hank’s ability to play characters who have a warm kindness to them, like his portrayal of Forrest Gump and my icon Mister Rogers.

Whenever I hear there’s live-action/CG movies based on past projects, I worry about these films getting “The Uncanny Valley Effect”, in which they go for a different or photorealistic look for the CG characters, like in Alvin and the Chipmunks. But here’s your first look at Pinocchio himself in two images…

Tom Hanks as Geppetto

Also included is Cynthia Ervio as The Blue Fairy

Comparable to the 2021 Italian movie and Guillermo Del Toro’s upcoming animated version, Disney’s Pinocchio, which is directed by Robert Zemeckis, surprisingly looks accurate to the original animated film. Tom Hanks is said to be “unrecognizable” as Geppetto and Cynthia Ervio, the actress-singer from period film Harriet, sure looks stunning in that BTS image.

Now that I’ve seen photos of the live-action Disney film, it seems they’re going in the right direction in terms of each character’s look. Now I’m waiting to see what Jiminy Cricket and Honest John will look like, but I’m hoping they’ll look the same as the animated original.

What’s your opinion on this latest remake? Please share your thoughts in the comments.


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