Our Media Lab Department focuses on developing and practicing social skills through the use of technology and new media formats such as video production! SEEDs participants utilize computers, cameras and video to share their stories, connect with others and document all the exciting things happening at SEEDs for Autism. To give our audience a behind-the-scenes look at these efforts, we asked our students to share their experience creating our monthly SEEDs Showcase.

Q. When is the SEEDs Showcase?
A. The second Wednesday of every month at 7PM on YouTube

Q. What is the SEEDs Showcase?
A. It broadcasts the students work, products and experiences at SEEDs.

Q. What department creates the showcase?
A. The Media Lab is where the magic happens.

Q. Why do we do these showcases?
A. We are informing the community at large of what we do at SEEDs.

Q. Who takes part in the SEEDs Showcase?
A. Student participation is welcome to all students who want to participate.

I’ve been behind the camera and in front of it  at SEEDs – both sides of the filming  process. I like to be behind the camera doing the filming. It makes me feel proud to be a participant in the Showcase. People should watch our Showcase to give them an idea of what we do at SEEDs for Autism.

Seeds Showcase is awesome! I took part in the SEEDs Showcase telling knock knock jokes. It made me feel very happy and funny. People should watch the SEEDs Showcase because it is so fun!

I got to participate in the SEEDs Showcase videos and got to be the host sometimes. It was a lot of fun to tell people about our products and what we do at SEEDs. It felt great to promote SEEDs and make it more known to the community. People should watch the Showcase to see what products we have and to see the students talk about their interests. 

I first participated in the SEEDs Showcase back in January. It was the first time I had ever been on camera. I have managed to catch the latest Showcase the second Wednesday of each month, which is one thing I always look forward to seeing. I also look forward to seeing the newsletter, which would usually be in my email inbox the first Friday of the month. I find people would benefit from viewing the newsletter and Showcase so they would familiarize themselves more with SEEDs.

SEEDs Showcase is a slideshow and when videos are put together and we work on assignments to show people that we can learn and show how to do stuff. In my experience I’m good at creating items that are made of wood. It made me feel happy. People should watch SEEDs showcase because they can get involved with what people are doing at SEEDs.


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