Digimon: Survive (Preview)

Hello, my name is Charles and I’m here to preview the upcoming game, Digimon: Survive for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch.

Digimon: Survive is an upcoming visual novel/tactical role-playing game (RPG for short) with survival elements. This game is also a celebration to the Digimon franchise’s 25th anniversary.

In this game, a group of teenagers get lost while on a school camping trip and suddenly find themselves unexpectedly transported against their will into a strange new world that’s filled with both monsters and danger.

There are eight protagonists in this game, each one with his or her own digimon partner. The eight protagonists are:

Takuma Momozuka (Digimon Partner: Agumon),

Kaito Shinonome (Miu’s big brother)(Digimon Partner: Dracmon),

Miu Shinonome (Kaito’s little sister)(Digimon Partner: Syakomon),

Shuuji Kayama (Digimon Partner: Lopmon),

Saki Kimishima (Digimon Partner: Floramon),

Ryo Tominaga (Digimon Partner: Kunemon)

Minoru Hinata (Digimon Partner: Falcomon),

Aoi Shibuya (Digimon Partner: Labramon).

In conclusion, I believe Digimon: Survive will be the Digimon franchise’s most major accomplishment in its 25th anniversary celebration thus making it in fact well worth the wait. This game is scheduled for release this Friday, July 29, 2022.

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