Peter Pan (1954)(Review)

Hello, my name is Charles and I’m here to review the Broadway Musical: Peter Pan.

This 1954 production was followed by NBC telecasts of it in 1955, 1956, and 1960.

This musical is composed of 3 Acts. Act I takes place in the Darling family’s Nursery from the Darling family’s introduction to the flight towards Neverland. Act II takes place in Neverland from the Lost Boys’ introduction to Peter Pan racing off to rescue Wendy, John, Michael and the Lost Boys. Act III takes place on Hook’s Ship, The Jolly Roger to Neverland and finally to the Darling’s family Nursery from Peter’s arrival on Hook’s Ship to Peter meeting Wendy’s Daughter, Jane.

The cast of characters are

Mary Martin as Peter Pan,

David Bean as Slightly,

Paris Theodore as Nibs,

Alan Sutherland & Darryl Duran as The Twins,

Joe E. Marks as Mr. Smee,

Cyril Ritchard as Captain Hook/Mr. Darling,

Margalo Gillmore as Mrs. Darling,

Kathleen Nolan as Wendy Darling/Jane Darling,

Robert Harrington as John Darling,

Joseph Stafford as Michael Darling,

Sally Brophy as Wendy Darling (Adult) and Sondra Lee as Tiger Lily.

In conclusion, I found this broadway celebration to J.M. Barrie’s masterpiece to be musically illuminating and mystically intriguing.

(Trailer: YouTube)

(Full Movie: YouTube link)


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