Marvel’s Midnight Suns (Preview)

Hello, my name is Charles and I’m here to review Marvel’s Midnight Suns for the PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. This game’s story is set in the darker, supernatural side of the Marvel Universe.

In this game, you play as the Hunter, a legendary demon slayer with a mysterious past while leading a team of legendary Marvel heroes.

In this game, Doctor Faustus (Hydra’s very own Sorcerer Supreme) uses a potent mix of magic & science to raise Lilith, the Mother of Demons from her eternal slumber. Lilith then forms an alliance with Hydra to fulfill an ancient prophecy and summon forth her evil master, Chthon. Six months later, Doctor Strange, Iron Man and Captain Marvel enlist the aid of the Midnight Suns who are a group of superpowered, supernatural beings consisting of Nico Minoru, Blade, Magik, Ghost Rider II and the Caretaker (Lilith’s estranged sister. With the help of the Midnight Suns, Strange raises the Hunter (Lilith’s forsaken child and the one who originally in fact sealed her away) from his eternal slumber. Meanwhile, Lilith has been brainwashing/enhancing other superpowered beings into her enforcers known only as the Fallen.

The protagonists in this game are

The Hunter,

The Caretaker,

Nico Minoru,



Ghost Rider II,

Doctor Strange,

Scarlet Witch,

Iron Man,

Captain Marvel,

Captain America,

Spider-Man and Wolverine.

The antagonists in this game are

Doctor Faustus,


Lilith: Mother of Demons,


The Incredible Hulk (Fallen),


Scarlet Witch (Fallen) and Sabretooth.

This game is due to be released on December 2, 2022 for the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X/. This game is due to be released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch at a later date.

In conclusion, I in fact find this game to be a true “gore-fied” definition of a Light vs Darkness confrontation. Thus, I in fact recommend this game to Marvel fans as well as to fans of the supernatural.


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