Disney Dreams: An Enchanted Classic (Review)

Hello, my name is Charles and I’m here to review the stage show, Disney Dreams: An Enchanted Classic. This stage show is performed only on the Disney Cruise Line ships, the Disney Magic & the Disney Wonder. This show features multiple Disney characters and songs.

Disney Dreams first performed back in 1998 on the Disney Magic & the Disney Wonder. In the Summer of 2015, the Disney Magic version of Disney Dreams was updated via the addition of Disney’s Frozen. Then on 11/15/2018, the Disney Wonder version of Disney Dreams was updated via the addition of Disney’s Tangled.

The Disney Franchises featured are

Disney’s Pinocchio

(characters: Pinocchio and the Blue Fairy)(songs: When You Wish Upon a Star-Instrumental & Vocal),

Disney’s Peter Pan

(character: Peter Pan)(song: You Can Fly),

Disney’s Aladdin

(character: Aladdin)(songs: One Jump Ahead/A Whole New World/Prince Ali),

Disney’s Cinderella

(characters: Cinderella/Fairy Godmother/Prince Charming/The King/The Grand Duke)(songs: A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes/Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo/So This is Love),

Disney’s The Little Mermaid

(characters: Ariel & Sebastian)(songs: Part of Your World and Under the Sea),

Disney’s Beauty & the Beast

(characters: Belle/Beast/Lumiere/Mrs. Potts)(songs: Belle/Something There (1998-2015)/Beauty and the Beast),

Disney’s The Lion King

(characters: Mufasa’s Spirit/Timon & Pumbaa)(songs: I Just Can’t Wait to Be King (1998-2015) and the Circle of Life),

Disney’s Frozen (Disney Magic version)(characters: Anna/Elsa/Olaf)(songs: For the First Time in Forever/In Summer/Let It Go),

Disney’s Tangled (Disney Wonder version)(characters: Rapunzel and Flynn Rider)(songs: When Will My Life Begin and I’ve Got a Dream).

In conclusion, I’ve learned through these performances that by believing in our dreams, we are then able to find our very own magic.

(1998: original performance)

(2015: Disney Magic performance)


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