Black Adam (Review)

(Black Adam & The Justice Society)


Hello, my name is Charles and I’m here to review the DC Comics movie Black Adam. This movie was released on October 21, 2022.

The main cast of superpowered characters are:

Teth-Adam aka Black Adam (Actor: Dwayne Johnson)(Powers (Derived from the ancient Egyptian Gods): The Stamina of Shu (Superhuman Stamina & Reflexes-Invulnerability-Agelessness), The Swiftness of Horus (Superluminal Speed), The Strength of Amon(Superhuman Strength), The Wisdom of Zehuti (Genius-Level Intellect & Clairvoyance), The Power of Aten (Control and Emission of Lightning, Thunder & Magic-Flight) and The Courage of Mehen (Unflinching Courage & Willpower-Resistance to Telepathy),

Dr. Fate (Actor: Pierce Brosnan)(Trivia: also starred as James Bond aka Agent 007)(Powers: Magic & Self-Illusionary Duplication),

Atom Smasher (Actor: Noah Centineo)(Power: Self-Mass Expansion),

Cyclone (Actor: Quintessa Swindell)(Powers: Flight & the Ability to Generate/Manipulate Multi-Colored Wind),

Carter Hall aka Hawkman (Actor: Aldis Hodge)(Powers: Flight, Thanagarian-Class AntiMagic Weaponry (such as a Mace & a Battle-Axe) and Superhuman Strength),

Superman (Actor: Henry Cavill)(Post-Credits Scene),

Sabbac (Actor: Marwan Kenzari)(Powers Derived from the ancient Deities of Evil): The Strength of Satan (Superhuman Strength), The Body of Aym (Invulnerability), The Evil Wisdom of Belail (Superhuman Knowledge), The Powers of Beelzebub (Pyrokinesis & Thermal-Blasts), The Courage of Asmodeus (Indomitable Will & Superhuman Endurance) and The Flight of Craeteis (Flight & Superhuman Speed).

In conclusion, this is the 2nd DC Comics movie to feature the ancient Wizard Council as well as another superpowered being other than Shazam to be created by them.


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