In Defense of the iPhone 11 Pro’s Cameras

Many People thought 3 cameras were useless and had no ‘purpose’.   But what they never did, was do research on what theses cameras do.  So my suggestion is to look up videos or articles online and you’ll realize why the name of the iPhone has the word ‘Pro’ on it.  It doesn’t just apply to Apple products, but it also applies to other things like restaurants or theme parks.


-Ethan L.

A Message to all Apple Haters

I’ve been a huge fan of Apple since 2006 since I got my very first Apple product: Late 2006 20 inch iMac.  And over the years, I’ve been constantly learning more and more about computers like CPUs, Hard Drives, Operating Systems, etc.  But I mainly prefer Apple products because Apple offers some incredible technology in their Operating Systems like the Graphics API Metal, a powerful encryption and security system, and Project Catalyst which allows developers to easily put their existing iPhone and iPad Apps to the Mac.


But I obviously know that a lot of People don’t think the same way as I do.  During my time in High School, I talked about Apple a lot and some of my friends are okay with it and others would give me a bunch of backlash that I never needed at all.  To make matters worse, I heard recently in 2019 that Apple is the most hated company in the internet and outside of the internet, and people are saying nasty comments in the comment fields in Apple articles.  There’s also some YouTube videos about people being very biased and saying things that are not true. Even though some YouTube videos are full of false information about Apple, there are more likes than dislikes in those videos which really triggered me a lot.


All of this hate has really made a lot of Apple Fans discouraged including myself.  So I have something to say to all Apple haters. Show some respect to some people that prefer something that you don’t like.  This doesn’t apply to Apple, Google, and Microsoft. It also applies to other things like people prefer vegetables over fruit.  So please show some kindness and respect to Apple Fans and we’ll do the same for you guys.


-Ethan L.  

Macbook Air in gold By Keri

I am very interested in a apple computer the new Macbook air in gold. I want to download Shutterfly. Also, pictures of traveling because I like to travel a lot. I’m going to get a Kate Spade glitter cases in rose gold. I choose gold because it was cool looking.

Before I purchase it I will need to research everything about my laptop computer. Also, at apple I will need to take classes because I never had a Macbook air before.

Apple iPhone XS/XS Max – Review (Worth the upgrade!)

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After using my iPhone SE over a year and the half, I think I’m ready to buy myself a new iPhone.  Originally, I was going for the iPhone 8 Plus, but my younger brother is convincing me to go for the latest iPhone.  After a few minutes of thinking, I’ve decided to go for the iPhone XS and boy I’m glad I went with this model.



The biggest feature is that Super Retina Display with a resolution of 2436 x 1125 and the Max model has a resolution of 2688 x 1242.  Plus, it has a OLED Panel which has been used by many Android Smartphones many times throughout the years and what I’ve heard that OLED Panels are more energy efficient which gives out better battery performance and it also brings more colors than a standard LCD Displays.  Throughout my experience, the OLED really does make the colors pop and and it even turns off some of the pixels if the image displays some black in the image, this is a example of why OLED is more energy efficient than LCD.

Since 2017, we’ve got a new security feature called Face ID which was introduced with the iPhone X and replaces Touch ID.  This is all thanks to the TureDepth Camera and other technologies to make it more secure to unlock your iPhone, use Apple Pay, and make purchases at the App Store.  You can even have fun with the TureDepth camera, by using the Animojis and Memojis. Instead of a flat picture of your face to unlock your phone which was used in Samsung Galaxy phones, your iPhone X, XS, and XS Max scans your face into a 3D mesh and it’s stored into your iPhone. (Note: If you think that Apple stores your scanned face into iCloud, it doesn’t and Apple doesn’t know.)  Sometimes my iPhone didn’t recognize my face, but that doesn’t happen to me alot. But most importantly, it’s really fast in scanning your face and in my opinion, it’s better then Touch ID.

Other features to mention like IP68, which is water, splash, and dust resistance.  Your iPhone can survive 2 meters of water in 30 minutes. There’s also Bluetooth 5.0 built-in and it also supports dual sims, which means you can add a secondary sim for business.



The iPhone XS and XS Max is powered by the Apple A12 Bionic Chip which has 2 Performance Cores which is used for high end apps like AR for example, and 4 Efficiency Cores which is used for everyday apps like Messages, Camera, Music, etc.  There’s also a Performance Controller inside it, which divides work across cores and uses all 6 cores for high performance if your iPhone needs it. The A12 Bionic Chip also contains a 4-Core GPU which gives you 50% of performance the the A11 Bionic Chip from the iPhone X, and a Apple designed Neural Engine which is used for machine learning which brings up to 5 trillion operations per-second.  The best example that I found on Apple’s Website, that the Neural Engine can be used for AR and look up images for People, Pets, Locations, etc. The last part that the A12 Bionic Chip has inside is a Enhanced ISP which is used for capturing detail in your photos when your in Portrait Mode.



Speaking of Portrait Mode, I would like to talk about the cameras next.  One the back we have two 12MP cameras, both of them work to together to create not only breathtaking photos but also applies a blur in the background if select Portrait Mode.  With the Neural Engine and ISP, there’s more to the camera then meets the eye such as, Smart HDR which is used to bring more highlights and shadows in your photos, Adjust the Depth of Field which means you can change how blurry background for your photo, and Enhanced Bokeh Effect which helps the background to make it more beautiful.  Other features to mention are, Improved Portrait mode selfies, Better low light photos with more pixels, Sharper Action Shots which freezes a moment just to add more highlights and shadows, and record 4K video with stereo playback.

One last thing I would like to mention is that, when you take a photo in Portrait Mode, the iPhone uses Face Detection for distinguishing faces in the frame, next it uses Facial landmarking to create lighting effects to the subject, and last the Neural Engine and IPS work together to separate the background from the person you shot at and now your photo has blurry background and it looks stunning.

Needless to say, the cameras that Apple provides is flat out incredible.


-The Verdict

I’m very glad that I upgraded my iPhone.  Even though it’s expensive for a smartphone, but that doesn’t make it bad.


9.8/10 (Amazing)

My name is Ethan L. from Seeds for Autism and I’m a Tech Reviewer, a Apple Product Expert, and a Digital Drawer.  If you have any questions from any Apple Products on how do you do this or how do you do that? I’m your man. Please stay tuned for more Tech Reviews in the future.  Until then, have fun, do your your best, and there’s no such thing as perfect objects and humans including you.

-Ethan L.    

Top 10 facts about Ethan L. (Apple Edition)

10. I got into Apple Products since 2006 and my first Apple Product I have at home is a Late 2006, 20 inch iMac.

9. I watch Apple Keynote Videos which show some new products and new Operating Systems.

8. The first Apple Keynote I watched is the WWDC 2013.

7. I prefer Apple Products because they provide the best security for our users like me.

6. My first iOS device was the 2nd Generation iPod Touch.

5. Many people recommend me to get a job at a Apple Retail Store.

4. I did manage to get in the interview at a Apple Retail Store but I didn’t get the job.

3. In 2012, I started to understand every computer part, when I was watching a three-part video series about how to build a computer from the NewEgg YouTube Channel.  This really helped me understand more about computers.

2. I’m the only person that I know that does Mac Gaming on Steam.  PC gamers, I hope you don’t mind if I’m a Mac Gamer.

1. When people have a problem with Apple Devices, I’m the first one to be asked on how to fix this at school and anywhere else.

Apple Watch Series 3 – Review (Useless? Of course not.)





Many people think it’s useless to buy a Apple Watch because a smartphone can do better.  But I managed to get my hands on a Series 3 Apple Watch and I finally got the chance to get the full experience.  The Apple Watch is so much more than staring at a clock on your wrist, it can do a lot more than what you believe it is.



One of the best features of the Apple Watch is the endless customizable watch faces and bands.  Apple has done a great job of adding a lot of variety of watch faces like traditional watch faces, workout watch faces, a Siri watch face, cartoon watch faces like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Toy Story characters like Woody, Buzz, Jessie and many more. Needless to say there are a lot of watch faces to choose from and you can even tweak the watch face like showing the battery status, the weather, shortcuts to built-in apps such as the workout app and the messaging app.  You can also change the color of the font on some watch faces and change the color of the second hand in a traditional watch faces.

Another thing you can customize is the watch bands like the Sport Band, Sport Loops, Stainless Steel Bands, Hermés Bands, Leather Bands, Woven Nylon Bands, and Nike Sport Bands.  Honestly, Apple Watch is the best Apple product to customize your technology to suit your personality and who knows what Apple might add next.


-Operating System (watchOS)

Like every Apple operating system, it’s very simple to use.  Once you raise your wrist, your watch will automatically turn on your display thanks to an accelerometer built-in to the watch.  On the right side of the watch you have a Side button and the Digital Crown which acts as a home button, a scroll wheel, and zooming in and out in the maps app for example.  The Digital Crown is something that you’re going to be using a lot. Press on the Digital Crown, and it’ll take you to the apps interface. Pressing on the Digital Crown again will take you back to the watch interface.  In the app interface, you can move around by using the touch screen to find what you want to use right now and tap the icon to open up the app or you can use the Digital Crown to open app by making sure that the icon is in the center of the screen and turning the Digital Crown up and it’ll zoom in to the app and open it.

Usually on an iPhone you see all of the options in one screen.  But in a small screen, Apple created something that is called Force Touch and a vibration motor called the Taptic Engine.  How does it work? When you’re in the Apple Music app for example and you want to repeat the song that you’re listening to or shuffle different songs, press very hard anywhere on the display and it’ll give you options on what you want to do.  In the watch interface, you can press hard on the display and choose different watch faces and customize your watch face. This is generally how Force Touch works in the watch and that feature was later added to Mac computers and the iPhones which add so much more uses to Force Touch.  In the watch interface you can swipe down from the top of the display to get to the notification center and swipe up from the bottom of the display to bring up control center which adds some options that are exclusive to Apple Watch like Pinging iPhone so if you lost your iPhone somewhere at home, you can use the Watch to have your iPhone make a tone so you can find your iPhone in no time. Theater Mode will turn off the sounds and the automatic display feature and you can turn it on again by tapping on the display or pressing on the Digital Crown. You can turn off Theater Mode once you’re done watching a Movie or a Play.  On the back of the watch, you have a composite lens which contains your heart rate monitor and it uses two green LEDs and it also has two receivers which picks up both infrared and visible light. If you’re going swimming, tap the water drop icon in the control center and your watch will be in water lock mode and when you’re done, turn your digital crown up or down and it’ll eject the water out of the speaker holes. There are so many other features but I can’t talk about in this review except one down side.

Even though the Apple Watch is water resistance, it’s not waterproof.  Which means you can’t go Scuba Diving, Water Skiing, or other activities with high velocity water and submersion below shallow depth.  But at least you can go swimming in a pool or in a ocean and I’m sure that Apple may updated it to make it waterproof someday.



Apple has not only has one but three different Apple Watch Models, Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, and Apple Watch Edition.

Apple Watch Sport is made of Aluminum casing and it comes with three colors, Space Grey, Silver, and Gold. It has a Ion-X glass display, a Composite Back (non-Cellular) and a Ceramic Back (Cellular).  You also have a option to go for either the Cellular model or the non-Cellular model. Apple Watch Sport is great for People who are staying on budget.

Apple Watch is made of Stainless Steel casing with two colors, Space Black and Silver.  It has a Sapphire Crystal glass display which makes it more scratch resistant than Ion-X glass, and a Ceramic Back.  But unlike the Apple Watch Sport, your only option is a Cellular model so you can’t get a non-Cellular model. Apple Watch is great for people who would like more of a premium design or for people who has a iPhone X that wants to match up their phone because both have OLED displays and Stainless Steel casing.

Lastly, the Apple Watch Edition is made of Ceramic casing with two colors, White and Gray.  Just like the Apple Watch, it has a Sapphire Crystal glass display, a Ceramic Back, and your only option is a Cellular model. In the packaging, you actually get a Magnetic Charging Dock which you can buy separately for $79 and a booklet that shows you how the Ceramic casing was made.  These two accessories are only exclusive to the Apple Watch Edition. The first generation of Apple Watch Edition, it was made of 18-karat Solid Gold and it has two colors, Yellow and Rose Gold. The starting price is $10K and now it’s made of Ceramic and the starting price is $1,299. Apple Watch Edition is great for people who would like a even more premium design then Stainless Steel.


-The Verdict

You should at least try out the Apple Watch and see what you think even if you think it’s useless.  It may not be waterproof but at least it better then not having it water resistance. I still think it’s considerably better and has more options than Android Wear Watches.



9.5/10 (Amazing)


My name is Ethan L. from Seeds for Autism and I’m a Tech Reviewer, a Apple Product Expert, and a Digital Drawer.  If you have any questions from any Apple Products on how do you do this or how do you do that? I’m your man. Please stay tuned for more Tech Reviews in the future.  Until then, have fun, do your your best, and there’s no such thing as perfect objects and humans including you.

-Ethan L.