Spider-man has been my favorite superhero since I was 11 years old.

He appeared as a comic book character in 1962 created by Stan Lee, the creator of the Avengers like Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, the Mighty Thor, and Captain America. Even the X-Men.

 Spider-man started out as a normal nerdy high school teenager named Peter Parker. He lived with his Aunt May and Uncle Ben growing up in Queens, after his parents died in a plane crash.

He had a difficult life fitting into high school, dealing with bullies like Flash Thompson and Peter’s family never had much money.

One day his life changes forever, he and the other students are on a field trip to a science lab for tech research. Once there, a spider that got exposed to gamma radiation came down and bites Peter.

At first he thought he was dying, but instead it gives him spider powers that make him a different person.

When he starts using his powers, he couldn’t handle it at all, he was selfish with it. He was reckless at the time.

Peter realizes that the spider that bit him was radioactive.

He developed web shooters that shoot out of his wrist to catch objects.

His Uncle Ben then teaches him lessons about responsibilities and tough choices by figuring things out and getting advice from a person or suggestions. Even inspiration. Uncle Ben told his nephew he was different from the world.

While he was looking through his magazine, Peter thought he could get money by using his powers. He read that anyone who stays and beats the wrestler in 3 minutes wins. He made a homemade costume and a mask to hide his face to go into the ring.

He won against the brute wrestler, but he got just a bit of the money. He was upset about it, he just wanted to have fame. He didn’t even bother stopping a burglar that robbed the fight promoter’s office. The police officers didn’t catch him on time.

They asked Peter why they let him go, he said “It’s not my problem. It’s yours.”

When he got back home and saw police cars surrounding his house. He learned that his uncle was shot and killed by a burglar who broke into his house.

Driven by vengeance, Peter decides take down the burglar by switching his old homemade costume to a new fancy costume. He traps him in the warehouse and beats him.

When he looked at his face, he realizes that the burglar was the same man who robbed the fight promoter’s office and killed his Uncle Ben. Peter restrains him in webs and the police took him away after.

Feeling guilty and responsible for letting a burglar loose and having his uncle dead, he finally learned what it means to be a man and decided to use those powers for good after hearing his uncle’s powerful words “With great power, comes great responsibility”.

And now the legend was born, Peter Parker took the name SPIDER-MAN.

Spider Man became a crime fighting super-hero by wearing a red and blue spandex suit with a spider symbol on his chest and back, web lines all around him and spider lenses so he can see better and wider. He can get to destinations really fast by web swinging and roaming around New York City.

He was best known for his classic appearance, spider logo and web lines.

He is known to New Yorkers and others  as the “Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.”

He has super strength, super agility, endurance, superhuman speed, spider sense to detect when danger is coming or nearby, the ability to stick to almost any surface called wall crawling, and can use web shifting abilities like web swinging, web zip, web balls and any kind of web types to catch criminals and defeat enemies and everything else. He wields hand to hand combat skills and made his own moves called “The ways of the Spider” to fight and defeat bad guys. Kinda like acrobatic skill. He wears a buckle belt that flashes a Spider Signal.

He had a few friends (sometimes a lot of friends who are depending on him).

Gwen Stacy: A blonde girl who is the daughter of Captain George Stacy who assists Spider-Man. She was killed by the Green Goblin in Earth 616 version (in some versions she’s still alive).

Mary Jane Watson: A red headed girl whom he befriends. She’s called MJ for short. She was Pete/Spidey’s love interest and sometimes wife. As Spider-Man, he always saves her whenever she’s in mortal danger. She’s a big fan of Spider-Man. MJ said the famous line “Face it Tiger, you just hit the jackpot!”

Harry Osborn: His best friend. Son of Norman Osborn, the CEO founder of Oscorp. In some versions he falsely held a grudge against Spider-Man whom he blamed for his father’s death.

Luke Cage, Johnny Storm of The Fantastic 4, Wolverine (a few called him Logan), and others.

He got a job at the Daily Bugle where he works and the newspaper is run by his hot-headed loud-mouthed boss J. Jonah Jameson who saw Spider Man as a menace while Peter takes photos of himself as Spider Man.

He fights super villains such as Doctor Octopus aka Doc Ock, The Lizard, Electro, Green Goblin, Vulture, Sandman, and even Venom.

He hangs out with a lot of girls who like him because of his sense of humor and talents.

Gwen Stacy: Peter’s girlfriend (who was killed by the Green Goblin in Earth 616 version and still alive in the Ultimate Universe) who was friends with him for a long time.

Liz Allan: His first crush on and off and she always helped him out but they didn’t date more often. In some versions like the Spectacular cartoon version, they do.

Betty Brant: Jameson’s assistant at the Daily Bugle who used to date Peter but they broke up because her brother was killed in battle with his enemy whom she blamed on Spider-Man.

Debra Whitman: They used to date once when they’re at Empire State University.

Felicia Hardy/Black Cat: A cat burglar who is Spidey’s ally and has a crush on Spidey.

Carlie Cooper: Daughter of the police chief who used to date Peter during the Spider Island events but she dumped him due to Peter being Spider-Man which upsets her.

He sometimes works alone, but he joins forces with the Fantastic Four, The Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D and the X-Men. He gets really annoyed by his enemies like Deadpool who is a fourth wall breaker.

He felt like he was hated by other superheroes, but they didn’t because they haven’t let him down. Sometimes he can be really annoying with his spazz tongue. Spidey is still growing and learning.

He was featured in a lot of cartoon series like an old 1967 famous cartoon “Spider-Man” with a classic theme song.

He appeared in various cartoons with people who did voice acting of him:

Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends (1981)-Dan Gilvezan, Spider-Man The Animated Series (1994-1998)-Christopher Daniel Barnes, Spider-Man MTV series (2003)-Neil Patrick Harris and The Spectacular Spider-Man (2008-2009)-Josh Keaton.

There’s also the Ultimate Spider-Man TV series (2012-2017)-Starring Drake Bell as his voice actor which is underrated by most fans and was mixed with both positive and negative reviews because of too much child friendly and fourth wall breaking by Spidey.

Like any fictional characters, Spider-Man is re-imagined a lot.

Ultimate Spider-Man was based on the comics (2000-2009). The origin of Spider-Man was taken to the next level. Peter was bitten by a genetically altered spider during his field trip at Oscorp. He was 15 years old throughout the entire series until he turns 16 at the end.

There’s also Spider-Man Unlimited show (1999-2001) which was short lived like the MTV show.

He has been playable in video games like the old famous PS1 game, the sequel Enter Electro, Ultimate Spider-Man the game which features Spider-Man and Venom as playable characters. There’s even Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions and Edge of Time with follows the adventures of Spidey and his counterparts.

Also Spider-Man Friend or Foe which features the resemblance of the Sam Raimi films.

Spider Man is featured in live action movies like Spider-Man by Sam Raimi trilogy which features Tobey Maguire (Peter Parker-Spider Man), Kristen Dunst (Mary Jane Watson), and James Franco (Harry Osborn). His archenemies are featured in the trilogy are Green Goblin (Norman Osborn), Doc Ock (Otto Octavius), and Venom (Eddie Brock). And even his enemy Sandman (William O Baker, people called him Flint Marko).

The reboot was featured in 2012-2014 by Marc Webb which features Andrew Garfield (Peter Parker Spider-Man), Emma Stone (Gwen Stacy), Rhys Ifans (Dr. Curt Connors-The Lizard), and Jamie Foxx (Max Dillon-Electro).

In 2016 Spider-Man was featured in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) along with another Marvel superhero Black Panther for the first time. Peter Parker/Spider-Man was played by Tom Holland. I became very fond of the Civil War suit. He will be featured in the new Spider-Man film: Spider-Man Homecoming starring Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. who played Tony Stark-Iron Man.

He has different kinds of costumes:

The old homemade costume- a jacket with jeans and a mask with goggles.

The classic red and blue suit.

The black suit which was an alien symbiote.

Spider-Armor- makes it too bulky for him due to heavy armor.

Bulletproof Spider suit-protects him from bullets.

Iron Spider suit made by Tony Stark-Iron Man during the Civil War events.

Future Foundation, Negative Zone, Stealth Suit (which I recall in the Spider-Man 3 film), Secret War, the Last Stand suit and the All New and All Different suit.

There are different versions of Spider-Man who appeared from other worlds.

Noir series-Features with Spider-Man if he was born in the 1930s. He wears a leather jacket and a mask with glowing goggles.

2099 series-Features Miguel O’Hara, the Spider-Man from the future. He was co-worker at Alchemax. He created genetically modified spiders in the genetics lab. Miguel was tricked into an experiment by his jealous partner and becomes the Spider-Man of 2099.

Half of spider DNA gave him claws, webs and wall crawling. He seeks out to find a cure but discovers being the new person suits him well and becomes Peter’s successor. He can be impatient and hot tempered sometimes but always a breather.

Ultimate series-Features Miles Morales, a 13 year old African-American teenager who becomes Spider-Man after Peter Parker dies in his final battle against the fire manipulating green skinned monstrosity version of the Green Goblin. He gets bitten by a spider just like Peter Parker. He struggles to balance his life as Spider-Man just like Peter Parker who was 15 years old. He has a new ability called Venom pounce which electrifies enemies.

Superior series-Features in the Earth 616 universe where his archenemy Doc Ock taking over the body of Peter Parker making himself as the Superior Spider-Man. Reformed as always he swore to become a far more greater Spider-Man than Peter.

Ben Reilly-A blonde clone of Peter Parker. Called himself the Scarlet Spider. He continues Peter’s legacy as the Sensational Spider-Man.

Kaine-Another clone of Peter Parker (also Scarlet Spider).

Spider-Ham: Another universe of anthropomorphic animals (creatures that talk like us, walk around on two feet, and sometimes wear clothing and use technology) which features Peter Parker AKA Spider-Man as a pig. He’s called Spider-Ham.

There are more than one Spidey in the universe, like the 1602, UK, Spider Knight, and many others.

There are also Spider-Women in the universe:

Another universe where Gwen Stacy is bitten by a spider instead of Peter. Called herself Spider-Gwen. Guilty for not saving Peter, she becomes a super heroine. Jessica Drew (In the Ultimate version she is a clone of Peter Parker/Spider Man), Spider Girl like Mayday “May” Parker the daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson-Parker, Cindy Moon, Ashley Barton, and other spider ladies.

Some fans included Spider-MJ (which Mary Jane sometimes uses a symbiote or her new spider powers to help her boyfriend and future husband in battle.)

This universe was called the Spider Verse, they are called Web Warriors.

I also forgot to tell you guys that Spider-Man has a lot nicknames, such as Web-Head, Wall crawler, Web Swinger, Spidey, Spider-Menace and Spider Thief (by Jonah Jameson),

Spider-Human(for obvious reasons), Webby (sometimes), Spider-Boy, Spider-Punk, Spider-dude, Spider-Freak (he’s very sensitive) and Spider-Guy.

His titles are the Amazing, Spectacular, Sensational, Ultimate, and Legendary (in my own opinion).

Venom is a formidable foe for Spider-Man. Easily known for his spider symbol like Spidey. His alter ego was Eddie Brock (sometimes called Eddie Brock Jr. like the Ultimate series), a disgraced Photographer at the Daily Bugle who has a hatred of both Peter Parker and Spider-Man along with the alien symbiote which Spidey rejects the Black Suit due to its evil nature. He has the same web abilities as Spider-Man but in color, and he’s invisible to his Spider Sense.

The symbiotes have weakness’- Sonic vibration, fire (which is intense heat), electricity, and sometimes very low temperature.

The symbiote was a made up alien like parasites by fans because symbiotes are colored shape-shifting alien goo like parasites that bond with any life form in order to survive otherwise they die.

They can feel human emotions such as anger and aggression (which are negative).

They can form any weapon types like swords, axes, and maces. They can form tentacles from their bodies and have mouths with tongues filled with drool and saliva and teeth that are very sharp and sometimes yellow or white.

Symbiotes come in all shapes and sizes. And even color.

Black-The symbiote came to earth along with Spider-Man who learns of its true nature. With the help of the Fantastic 4, he was able to get rid of the symbiote by using sonic vibrations from a church bell leaving the alien goo to the creation of Venom.

Red-An unstable serial killer named Cletus Kasady who bonded with it’s spawn of red goo turning into Carnage. Spider-Man and Venom fought against him.

White-Eddie was dying because of cancer. When the symbiote tried to re bond with him, a antidote mixed with it turning him into Anti Venom.







The symbiotes in the Ultimate universe are supposed to be a cure for cancer made by Peter and Eddie’s fathers. The Venom suit was the first to introduced with shape-shifting goo with tentacles and teeth that feeds on humans, and they can get very aggressive. The Carnage suit was a blood sucking monsterized parasite created from Peter Parker’s blood due to the venom suit he wears.

I became a fan of Spider Man because of Venom when I was about 11 years old back at 2007. He taught me about responsibilities, choices, inspiration, and everything else. The differences between right and wrong.

I have a soft spot teens and children because they are still growing and learning.

Spider-Man is my favorite superhero of all time, because he shows us we were all different from the world.

Dan McB.



Transformers: The Last Knight(Preview)


Hello, my name is Charles and I’m here to preview the upcoming movie Transformers: The Last Knight.


This is the 5th live-action Transformers movie as well as the final film in the Transformers franchise.


The cast of Transformers: The Last Knight consists of Optimus Prime(Autobot Leader), Bumblebee(Autobot Scout), Hound(Autobot Commando/Field Medic), Drift(Autobot Tactician/Samurai), Megatron(Decepticon Leader) and Grimlock(Dinobot Leader).


Also, this movie introduces us to both Optimus Prime’s Creators and HotRod(Bumblebee’s French accented brother-in-arms) as well as reintroduces us to Barricade(Decepticon Scout) from the 1st Transformers movie.
In conclusion, I personally believe this movie will bring a climatic finish to the Transformers film franchise as well as teach us how important it is to value everyone’s existence and not just your own.

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Justice League(2017)(Preview)

Hello, my name is Charles and I’m here to preview the upcoming 2017 movie Justice League.

This movie takes place months after the events of the movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

where Bruce Wayne(Batman) and Diana Prince(Wonder Woman) form a team of superpowered Meta-Humans

comprised of themselves plus Arthur Curry(Aquaman), Barry Allen(Flash) and Victor Stone(Cyborg)

to defend the Earth from the Apokoliptian General Steppenwolf and his army of Parademons as the Justice League.

General Steppenwolf seeks three MotherBoxes residing on Earth. One of which is currently merged with Cyborg,

both making up his physical form as well as giving him his cybernetic powers. MotherBoxes are powerful cubed Minicomputers So intelligent that they’re almost alive.

General Steppenwolf comes from the planet Apokolips, which is a dictatorial world brimming with FirePits

that is ruled by General Steppenwolf’s nephew known as the omnipotent Darkseid. In conclusion, this movie I believe will be as big a hit as the 2012 film: Marvel’s The Avengers and is due to IMAX theatres on November 17, 2017.

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Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi(Preview)

Hello, my name is Charles and I’m here to preview Star Wars episode VIII: The Last Jedi. This movie continues right off where episode VII left off with Rey meeting Luke Skywalker face to face for the 1st time. This movie features a cast of returning characters consisting of Daisy Ridley as Rey(a Force sensitive scavenger from Jakku), John Boyega as Finn(a Defective First-Order Stormtrooper), Andy Serkis(Gollum) as Snoke(the Supreme Leader of the First-Order), Adam Driver as Kylo Ren(Snoke’s Apprentice and leader of the Knights of Ren), Jimmy Vee as R2D2(AstroMech), Anthony Daniels as C3PO(Protocol Droid), Peter Mayhew and Joonas Suotamo both as Chewbacca(Wookie and Co-Pilot of the Millennium Falcon), Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker(The Last Jedi and Kylo Ren’s uncle) and Carrie Fisher in her final movie appearance as Leia Organa(Resistance General and Kylo Ren’s mother). On a minor note, Carrie Fisher finished her character recordings for this movie prior to her death. In conclusion, this movie will surely qualify and count as Carrie Fisher’s 5th Anniversary as Princess Leia in Star Wars episodes IV, V, VI VII and VIII and is scheduled to be released in theatres on Friday, December 15, 2017.

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Wonder Woman-2017(Preview)

Hello, my name is Charles and I’m here to preview the upcoming 2017 movie Wonder Woman. This movie tells the origins of Wonder Woman which takes place during World War I. The cast is comprised of Gal Gadot(Keeping Up with the Joneses’ Natalie Jones) as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman(Amazon Princess/Zeus’ Daughter), Chris Pine(Star Trek’s Young Captain Kirk) as Steve Trevor(US Air Force Captain), Connie NielSen(Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’s Detective Dani Beck) as Hippolyta(Amazon Queen/Zeus’ Wife), Robin Wright(BeoWulf’s Wealthow) as General Antiope(Hippolyta’s Sister/Diana’s Aunt), David Thewlis(Harry Potter Franchise’s Remus Lupin) as Ares/Mars(Greek/Roman God of War) and Danny Huston(X-Men Origins: Wolverine’s Colonel William Stryker) as Erich Ludendorff(German Army General). In conclusion, this movie is due for release in theatres on Friday June 2, 2017 and will without a doubt give a definite true meaning to the phrases Girl Power and I Am Woman Hear Me Roar!!

Power Rangers 2017(Preview)

Hello, my name is Charles and I’m here to talk about the upcoming movie Saban’s Power Rangers. This movie is the 3rd Power Ranger movie as well as the 1st Power Ranger movie in the 21st century.This movie follows five ordinary high school kids who must become something extraordinary when they learn that their small town of Angel Grove(California) – and the entire world – is on the verge of being obliterated by an alien threat. Chosen by destiny, our heroes quickly discover that they are the only ones who can save the planet. But to do so they will have to overcome their real-life issues and band together as the Power Rangers before it is too late. The cast of characters in this movie for example are Dacre Montgomery as Jason Scott/Red TyrannoSaurus Ranger(TyrannoZord), Naomi Scott as Kimberly Hart/Pink PteroDactyl Ranger(PteraZord), RJ Cylar as Billy Cranston/Blue TriceraTops Ranger(TriceraZord), Becky G as Trini Kwan/Yellow SabreTooth Tiger Ranger(TigerZord), Ludi Lin as Zack Taylor/Black Mastodon Ranger(MammothZord), Bryan Cranston as Zordon/InterDimensional Being and ancient Red TyrannoSaurus Ranger, Bill Hader as Alpha #5/Zordon’s Robotic Assistant, Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa/Space Witch and the ancient Green DragonZord Ranger as well as Goldar/Rita’s loyal general and the Putty Patrollers/ Rita’s stone warriors. In conclusion, this very ReMake of the franchise’s very beginning is sure to be both a genuine stroll down memory lane as well as an absolute blast from the past.

Suicide Squad Review

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The film Suicide Squad was released August 5, 2016, one day before my 31st birthday. Set in the DC Comics Expanded Universe, the film is a character study on the broad range of criminal insanity and the worst side of human nature. In a polarized world of good vs. bad, the baddest of the bad at a high security prison are forcibly drafted by the US government into Task Force X, a Secret shadow operations group tasked with performing deadly wetworks missions in return for reduced criminal sentences. Each criminal exhibits a different streak of nasty behavior that is complex and surprisingly relatable to. No person is perfect, and even among bad people there are positive elements.


Former psychiatrist Harleen Quinzel was assigned to analyze the criminal mind of the psychotic Joker, but instead fell under his sway and grew to love him, becoming an insane murderous harlot herself known as Harley Quinn. Floyd Lawton is a deadly hitman known as Deadshot, with an almost supernatural affinity for firearms of every make, model, and era. A serious professional, he tries to set a good example for his teenage daughter, who is the reason for his work ethic of contract fees paid up front, and no women or children killed. George Harkness is Australian rogue Captain Boomerang, dressed like an aristocrat, but who is callous, brutal, and self-centered who does not get along well with anyone. He is a professional bank robber and a member of the criminal group called the Rogues, who are united in fighting against the Flash. Waylon Jones is Killer Croc, a former circus performer and a genetic freak with reptilian traits, including great physical strength, thick scaly skin, and sharp teeth. He harbors a deep hatred of the human society that shuns him. Chato Santana is El Diablo, a tormented former criminal gang leader who shuns his powers of pyrokinesis after destroying his family and home by mistake.Together they are controlled and monitored by subdermal implants placed within their necks that mark their location and can be remotely detonated if the subject misbehaves, hence the name Suicide Squad. Control of the implants rests in the hands of squad field commander Rick Flag, a highly skilled soldier and veteran of countless black-ops missions. At Flagg’s side is Tatsu Yamashiro, a woman known as Katana, armed with a mystical sword that steals the souls of it’s victims.


The Squad is assembled and sent to fight against the Enchantress, a malevolent ancient mystical spirit possessing the body of the archaeologist June Moone. Moone was a former lover of Rick Flagg before she was possessed while researching magical artifacts in Asia. By disturbing the magical vessel containing the Enchantress, she gained incredible magical power, but was enslaved by the dark spirit who sought to destroy the world of men who once worshipped her as a god. June was slowly corrupted by the sorceress while under the employ of Amanda Waller, the government official who is responsible for founding the Task Force X Program. Waller, herself, is ruthless and unforgiving, concerned only with completing the given mission,no matter the cost or collateral damage.
The film is a showcase of good, bad, and ugly in  various shades of human nature working, or at least trying to work together, to defeat a greater evil. In the process, the criminals become slightly better, or at least better understood. Harley’s love/hate bond with the Joker becomes more believable, Diablo comes to terms with the ghosts of his past, Boomerang improves his social skills, Deadshot vows to be a better role model for his daughter, Croc regains some of his humanity working with other outcasts, Katana wields her cursed blade for a good cause, and coldly professional Rick Flagg finds someone to relate to in June Moone. In my imaginary superhero alter ego Rain Man, I would be brave yet reckless, professional yet hot-headed, both compassionate and arrogant, funny and serious in equal measure, a clever sense of humor but able to use words as potent weapons to support people in need of help and disrupt the actions of those who oppose me, and to point out the good and bad in everyone. I would also control the forces of rain and lightning and use weather-related humor while doing good for humanity. 

By Erik