Job Interview Role Play at SEEDs

For those on the autism spectrum, social interactions and new experiences are often a source of struggle. At SEEDs for Autism, we utilize Role Play as a powerful tool for social skill development. This effective technique enables participants to become familiar with different types of situations and empowers them with language and actions to appropriately participate in real life situations. Here, SEEDs participants engaged in a series of job interview Role Plays to help them prepare for entering the workforce. We asked them to share what they learned.

   Playing the role of the “Hiring Manager” Chris greets Francis as he arrives for his interview.

The best way to prepare for a job interview is to take a shower, make sure that you have a clean appearance, and are dressed in professional attire. Then, you should make sure you feel motivated to do well during the interview. Have a mock interview with someone you know and ask them to give you constructive criticism about your performance. Make sure you eat before you have the interview, so you don’t have an empty stomach, and then brush your teeth. After that, think about the questions that you might be asked and have a list of reasonable answers ready. Double check everything to make sure that you are one-hundred percent ready, then head out for the interview.

Body language is important because it tells the interviewer whether you are interested in getting the job or not. If you have a positive and professional posture then it tells them that you are excited to be there and genuinely want to get the job. Likewise, if you have poor posture then it tells them that you just don’t care about getting the job and would rather not be there. If your body language tells them that you don’t want the job, then they simply won’t give it to you. However, if your body says that you want the job, then you are much more likely to be given it.

Take a shower, comb your hair and brush your teeth and wear clean clothes like a nice shirt and nice pants for a job interview. It is important to have a positive attitude, stand up straight, look at the person who is talking, have a good handshake and smile. These show that you want the job.

After a successful job interview, Chris and Angel shake hands.

I learned that you have to be prepared for the interview and be professional. What I do is take a deep breath and think positive. During the job interview, I focus on staying calm, clear the mind and be polite, honest and respectful.

Positive attitude is the most important thing when you get a job. You don’t want to use a bad attitude cause you won’t get a job or earn money with a bad attitude.

Brian T demonstrates the importance of attitude during a job interview with his example of what NOT to do.


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SPORTS WORKSHOP at SEEDs for Autism Hosted by Jake M

A person always doing his or her best becomes a natural leader, just by example.
Joe DiMaggio

Communication skills, flexibility, organization, and the ability to inspire and motivate others are just some of the qualities of being a great leader. At SEEDs for Autism we work to develop these skills in our participants, and encourage them to step outside of their comfort zone with confidence. Jake has demonstrated great leadership abilities, and we were excited to provide him with an opportunity to lead a workshop and share his knowledge and love of sports with his peers. We asked Jake to share his thoughts on his experience.

Hi my name is Jake. I’m writing to talk about a sports workshop that I taught. During the covid-19 pandemic, Seeds has been doing online learning with lessons and zooms with teachers. There also have been different extracurricular zooms. Some of those include movie club, Disney parks club, writing, and others. These are all teacher led. Now Seeds is looking to have student led workshops, and I got to do a sports workshop, which was great because I love sports.

Before I presented the sports workshop in front of my peers, I had to take various steps to prepare. These steps include picking a topic, doing research, finding fun videos, making a slideshow, and doing a practice run with the staff. I also had to make sure I picked questions to get student engagement.

In order to come up with a topic, I sat down and brainstormed ideas and wrote those ideas on a notepad. I picked the best topic and began researching it. I went online to find links and videos to provide information on the chosen topic. The topic I picked was amazing sports plays.

Once I finished my research, I inserted that information into a slideshow using google slides. I had to organize the information in a way that would make sense when explaining to the class. I also had to find fun videos to watch. Part of the assignment for this workshop required me to come up with questions so that the students can be involved.

Once I finished making the slideshow and was ready to present, I did a dry run with the staff members. This helped me receive great feedback, and gave me more confidence before presenting.

The day of the sports workshop was great because I was ready to present. The group was small. I think the workshop was a success because all of the students were very engaged and answering the questions. Some of the students had questions for me to answer, which was good because that means it was a give and take workshop and the students wanted to learn more about sports. It was a success.

This workshop allowed me to share my interest and was good for practicing my presentation skills.

An informative slide from Jake’s presentation

Jake shares video footage of amazing plays with workshop attendees

DANNY (Social Skills Instructor at SEEDs)
As an instructor the best moments are when the students exceed expectations set by others and demonstrate their ability to overcome the fears and uncertainty of self-growth and mastery. Jake, a model example of hard-work and flexibility, did an exemplary job with creating and leading the sports workshop. He took the feedback from other staff and incorporated his own ideas into an engaging and informative lesson about various historical moments. Although I knew he was nervous, it wasn’t obvious. He asked great questions to the other students, made an effort to engage EVERYONE who attended and utilized all of the skills he has learned over the years. To say that I am proud of Jake would be an understatement. Many educators struggle with connecting to students and allowing their passion of a subject to shine through but Jake seemed to have a natural ‘feel’ of the qualities. While the workshop was fairly small due to there being other options at the same time each student shared appreciation for his work and lesson. I’m excited to hear what his next workshop will be about and can’t WAIT to attend!

Image from Jake’s Daily Sports Report: from left to right: Luke Weaver (starting pitcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks), Jake M. (winning the Employee of the Month for the 50/50 raffle staff), Derrick Hall (President and CEO for the Arizona Diamondbacks).
Jake’s Daily Sports Report


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Update 6: Sika Senshi Deer Guardian – A Project by Chris M

Hey there, SEEDs Bloggers. I’ve got some good news related to my film project. Angel’s done with his short film script and is currently typing it out on Final Draft. We’ve also had discussions about working together on my movie idea. Looking forward to getting started. I guess I’ll tell you the name of the animation studio I’m working with; VawWorld Studios. They are an up-and-coming production house that produces animation as well as VFX for TV and films. They actually approached me to help put my Sika Senshi project together.

What I’ve Learned During the Break from SEEDs by Daniel N.

Hello, my name is Daniel and I’m going to be writing about what I’ve learned over the break.

I learned how to use Zoom, Duo, and Google calendar to get assignments. I learned Duo from my friend Kim so we could talk face to face. I learned Zoom from Justin, the Computer teacher at SEEDs and I learned Google calendar on my own.

I use Zoom to take martial arts fitness classes with Mrs. Lee and with Mr. Benton who is my teacher for Tai Kwon Do classes.  While it’s true that I can’t practice the practical aspects of Tai Kwon Do, such as self-defense, sparring, and board breaks, I can get practice in on my form and weapons.   

I use Google calendar to get informed about what’s going on at Seeds for Autism. 

I had my first zoom chat with Michele (Newsletter instructor), Francis and Brianna.   I was included in the Zoom meeting with my peers from Seeds.  I had to wait for recognition by the host of the meeting. I never knew how to navigate Zoom until I watched Justin’s educational   video (that was on the Google Calendar) on how to use the application for conferring with colleagues who might be on a business trip for example. Google calendar has helped me stay in the loop. 

I am staying active and connected during the outbreak of COViD 19 using online activities with Seeds and Tai Kwon Do with Mr. Benton and Mrs. Lee.  Missing seeing folks in person. Hope see everyone in 21 days. 

The Peanut Butter Falcon movie review by Sydney

A truly inspiring story , THE PEANUT BUTTER FALCON is the story of Zak, a young man with Down syndrome, who runs away from a residential nursing home to achieve his dream of being a student at the professional wrestling school of his idol, The Salt Water Redneck. A unique turn of events pairs him on the road with Tyler, a small time outlaw on the run, who becomes Zak’s unlikely coach and ally. Together they embark on a wild adventure together and cross paths with Eleanor, a worker at the nursing home, who was charged with finding Zak and bringing him back there. But no one had ever asked Zak what he wanted to do, so he threw the car keys into the river and she was forced to go with them on a homemade raft down the river. Their journey was certainly wild. In my opinion, the movie should be 100 stars because it was a perfect example of the struggles some people face every day. One of the things that was so amazing about the movie was the fact that one of the actors had Down Syndrome, which made the movie even more fascinating.Image result for peanut butter falcon

I think there should be more opportunities in the movie,t.v. and music industries for people with challenges.  The movie offered a unique insight into the world of people with special challenges. There are many different kinds of people who don’t often get a chance to really be heard. If only people would stop being prejudiced and really listen, the world would be a better place.

What Have You Done At Seeds That Makes You Feel Proud?

We were created for meaningful work, and one of life’s greatest pleasures is the satisfaction of a job well done.
-John C. Maxwell

At SEEDs for Autism, we create many opportunities for our participants to experience a sense of accomplishment, build self-esteem and achieve a feeling of satisfaction for a job well done. We asked our participants to share their thoughts on the things they’ve done at SEEDs that make them feel proud. 

I made some earrings in jewelry at SEEDs that made me feel proud. It was very easy to do.

I have done and made so many things at Seeds, but to pick what makes me most proud is difficult. The things I make that I’m most proud of are stuff I make in the Wood Department. I love turning the wood, and Ed (instructor) says I’m very good at it.

In the Metal department I made metal ostriches with Lenny’s (instructor) help. It made me feel good because it took a good amount of time and effort finish the ostriches.  It made me feel proud enough to finish them.

What I’ve been doing at SEEDS was that I improved a lot on my abilities to adapt to different situations in each class. Like when someone in my class is having a bad moment, I would ask staff if I could take a break to avoid getting involved. Or when I helped my peers by showing them what I do in one of my classes. I have become patient with everybody at SEEDS and helped out at the front desk. I have also learned how to manage my anger by taking breaks. Overall, SEEDS helped me improve on my behavior and this makes me proud.

Spa is my favorite department at Seeds. I’m good at making soap. It makes me feel proud.

Social Skills is my favorite department at Seeds. I’m good at listening. I’m good at communicating. It makes me feel proud.

Something I did at Seeds that made me feel proud was that I made a nice ceramic cactus soap dish and painted it well. It was nice and I felt good about it.

Struggling With Something New: What did you do to improve?

A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.
-Franklin D. Roosevelt

When met with new experiences, it is often a struggle to overcome obstacles and improve – but this is how we GROW! At SEEDs for Autism we encourage and empower our participants to face challenges and develop the inner strength to persist and keep trying. We asked some of our participants to write about a time when they struggled with something new – and what they did to improve. 

There was a time when I struggled with weight training so I worked hard to gain physical strength. I trained with lighter weights then as I got stronger I dialed up the resistance to build muscle in the back which are the most critical muscles for bench press. I won my weight division in both bench and dead lift.

There was a time where I struggled at Fry’s which is where I work. When I first got hired at Fry’s I was very nervous and I had no I idea what to do really. I struggled in the beginning. I would bag the wrong things together, I would not do a very good job on carts by only doing a few at a time, and one time I accidentally hit a customers a car with one of the shopping carts. Let’s just say my early times at Fry’s were a struggle. But I didn’t give up and over time I got better and better at Fry’s to eventually thriving at Fry’s. That is how I struggled with something new and overcame that obstacle.

I struggled with math in High School. To improve I slowed down my answers. I worked out the problem first. Then I got better at math.

I struggle sometimes when I work on something hard like moving heavy objects. Now when I lift heavy boxes or heavy packages I prove to be mature because I don’t use bad language and yelling and screaming.

Macbook Air in gold By Keri

I am very interested in a apple computer the new Macbook air in gold. I want to download Shutterfly. Also, pictures of traveling because I like to travel a lot. I’m going to get a Kate Spade glitter cases in rose gold. I choose gold because it was cool looking.

Before I purchase it I will need to research everything about my laptop computer. Also, at apple I will need to take classes because I never had a Macbook air before.

My Experience in the Weaving Department by Daniel N.

Hello my name is Daniel and I’m going to be writing about my experience in the Weaving Department. My instructor’s name is Bailey and she has taught me how to work with the nifty knitters to make scarfs and headbands. We make towels using a loom. The products the Weaving dept produces are made of fibers woven together. We learn lessons on how to weave the fabric together to make products that serve a useful function in the house.  The towels could be used for washing your hands or for decoration on the wall. Scarfs prevent you from getting cold and they are an attractive fashion accessory.

It was initially very hard to learn weaving, but I persisted at it and it became easier with time. Learning the skill of weaving has shown me that if you set your mind to something you can do it .

I felt proud when I learned a difficult skill.