Update 6: Sika Senshi Deer Guardian – A Project by Chris M

Hey there, SEEDs Bloggers. I’ve got some good news related to my film project. Angel’s done with his short film script and is currently typing it out on Final Draft. We’ve also had discussions about working together on my movie idea. Looking forward to getting started. I guess I’ll tell you the name of the animation studio I’m working with; VawWorld Studios. They are an up-and-coming production house that produces animation as well as VFX for TV and films. They actually approached me to help put my Sika Senshi project together.


Update 3: Sika Senshi Deer Guardian – A New Project by Chris M

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Hi there Blog Readers, Chris here.
I have a new update on my project-in development that I’d like to share with you. I’m collaborating with another writer, Devonte, on a new screenplay draft for my “Sika Senshi Deer Guardian” movie. Devonte is a talented writer at SEEDs who’s been taking classes on a website called Stage32 and has recently scripted a pilot for an animated series he worked on. Wish us good luck on our slow progress.


Update 2: Sika Senshi Deer Guardian – A New Project by Chris M

Sika senshi deer guardian - a job post by Cee… - Stage 32

Hey Blog Readers, Chris here.

I’ve got some exciting news to share with all of you. I’m working on a screenplay for a new animated movie that my friend Devonte is helping me with. It’s titled “Sika Senshi Deer Guardian” and will be about a teenage reindeer who embarks on a grand adventure to find a group of warrior deer to save the world, despite the fact that he has a secret that could get him into serious trouble.

Creative Writing at SEEDs by Chris M.

Get It Write: Creative Writing Workshop, Newton Free Library at Newton Free  Library, Newton MA, Kids

Hey Everybody, Chris here. I just got word from the SEEDs Creative Writing class that we clients are each going to be writing a book. Yes, we’re working on books and will distribute them through SEEDs! As for me, I’m looking to make a comic book based on an old idea that, sadly, I can’t reveal right now. Stay tuned for when I actually announce my book project for SEEDs Publishing.

Under the Sun by Sydney

Once upon a time…………………….

There was a hunchback named Tyler, who was shunned due to his appearance, until, one day, he saw a young woman named Ginger, who had a beautiful smile. They decided to fly to Milan and spend the summer there, basking in the sunlight and ocean waves. They also agreed to get married in Frankfort, Germany. They adopted quintuplets from France and also adopted a litter of 115 dalmatians. They lived in a huge mansion in Barcelona, Spain. They went skydiving in Japan and dived for pearls too. They hiked to the top of Mount Everest, where they held a wine tasting party. They also learned how to operate a twin engine jet ski. They ziplined across the Grand Canyon and bungee jumped into a dormant volcano. They did a lot of wild and crazy things together. They decided to work together in a bakery and created the world’s biggest red velvet cake. It was the size of a mountain. They invited everyone in Eastern Europe to eat the cake. Tyler and Ginger went white water rafting down the Colorado River in June for 2 weeks in a pair of small boats.

Macbook Air in gold By Keri

I am very interested in a apple computer the new Macbook air in gold. I want to download Shutterfly. Also, pictures of traveling because I like to travel a lot. I’m going to get a Kate Spade glitter cases in rose gold. I choose gold because it was cool looking.

Before I purchase it I will need to research everything about my laptop computer. Also, at apple I will need to take classes because I never had a Macbook air before.

Why I Love The Christmas Season

Everybody has their favorite holiday, for some it’s July Fourth others it’s Halloween. My favorite holiday is Christmas . But it’s not just Christmas day  I love but also the season around which starts for me in December. I don’t really count November being in the Christmas season because for me it’s just the season where people go crazy over Black Friday and eat a lot. In December I think people are more friendly because of the holiday and seem to be more giving to the less fortunate. I can tell because of people giving money to the people in the salvation army. People will say have a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays to someone who helped them out of kindness. I think Americans as a whole are very helpful people but to me at least they seem to be more helpful because it’s a season of giving and a tradition to celebrate for many people. However I will acknowledge that it can be stressful for all of us but when Christmas day actually comes I think everyone’s stress goes away a bit because they are with the ones they love and showing how they care. I kind of appreciate  how one can get stressed out looking for presents or making a family dinner because they wouldn’t do that if they didn’t care about the ones they love. Those are the reasons I love the Christmas season and Christmas day.

By Anna P.

Halloween Poem

Halloween is a black spider creeping across the blood-stained wall. Halloween is a gnarled tree tapping on the window. Halloween is a bright orange pumpkin shining in the pitch-black night. Halloween is the sound of children in various costumes going door- to- door. Halloween is witches on broomsticks flying through the air. Halloween is a gaggle of monsters on the prowl. Halloween is a haunted house in the middle of nowhere. Halloween is candy being devoured greedily. Halloween is a black cat bounding down the street. Halloween is a ghost popping up in  random spots and saying Boooooooooooooo.

Emotion Poetry at SEEDs for Autism

Writing poetry encourages creativity and self-expression. Poetry stirs the imagination and it is an excellent practice for strengthening writings skills, cultivating a strong vocabulary and learning to think outside the box. In this post, the participants at SEEDs for Autism use poetry to describe emotions through the window of their senses.