SEEDs Virtual Art Show

At SEEDs for Autism we understand that Art is a powerful form of communication. Art increases observation skills and builds confidence as it stirs our imagination, encourages creativity, promotes self-expression and helps us GROW. For our first Virtual Art Show, we invited SEEDs participants to share their talents and their artwork with our online audience!

This was inspired by I show I started watching again Invader Zim. I love that show and wanted to share with you❤️ I used colored pencils and black marker for tracing. I want people to know I love Sci fi and Aliens 👽 are really cool to me😍
This is my art picture of Red, Chuck & Bomb from Angry Birds. I used Paint 3D on my laptop. I feel calm & relaxed. I typed in my name in the bottom right corner.
by Libby
Beast vs Ogre
I started with paper and pencil and finalized the drawings on my Medibang software.
Callum McCloud (Highlander)
Jaime’s Face Drawings

This week I started watching you tube tutorials on hyperrealist illustrations. Hyperrealist illustrations are super real and 3D-looking. I did our first drawing class with my care worker Mercedes and drew lips for our first time. Second Mercedes and I drew noses together, and then we drew two eyes too. Mercedes and I used graphite pencils for drawing lighter marks without pressure. I also shade or blend the pencil by using tissues for blending and shading by erasing darker pencil marks by drawing it too dark. We also used rulers by measuring guide lines. Guide lines help me draw some realistic stuff, like body parts, unless we use erasers to erase those guide lines after we are done with them. – Jaime B.


My Transition from Animation to Digital Art

Ever since the first quarter of 2016, I’ve been enjoying doing Digital Art by using Autodesk Sketchbook Pro for desktop.  A couple months later, I got myself a 12.9 inch iPad Pro along side the Apple Pencil and purchased the $10 app called Procreate and that’s what made me love digital art even more.

But out of nowhere, I became interested in creating animation and for years I’ve been struggling to find the courage I needed to practice animation and I managed to do it.  However, after I practiced animation for a few months, trying to learn animation isn’t as fun as Digital Art and I became less interested in it.  So I officially decided to quit animation.

After I quit animation, I’ve been having some second thoughts.  Because during the time I’m learning animation, I came up with some interesting fictional stories.  But since I’m no longer interested in animation, I asked myself this question and that is: ‘How can I tell the audience my fictional stories without any knowledge of animation?  But somehow, I had an idea on how I can tell a story.  What I can do is draw a single drawing from my iPad Pro, post it to, and write down what this artwork is about.


-Ethan L.