My Experience at the MIM by Sydney

Last Friday, I went to the Musical Instrument Museum with Quin, my hab worker and I had an amazing time there looking at all the exhibits. There were instruments from all over the world, like violins, cellos, guitars, harps, pianos, drums and many others. There were different galleries on instruments from different parts of the world like South America, Asia, Europe, Africa and The Middle East. All the exhibits had regional costumes. There was an exhibit on musicians like Elvis Presley. There was another exhibit on different kinds of music like Jazz, Hip-Hop, Country and Pop music. I had the best time looking at all the instruments. My favorite part was getting to see all the amazing instruments. My favorite instrument was the Grand Piano in the foyer.

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Wednesday at SEEDs for Autism

Daniel and Sydney practice live blogging at SEEDs for Autism. They will be reporting on all the excitement happening at the Art Jam this Saturday!

12:47- Daniel N.

I observed in Distribution that Heather and Chris are packing shaving supplies in gift boxes.


There are different kinds of pillows, like square, circular and triangular.

12:33 – Daniel N.

I observed Hunter working in the Weaving Department with Linda. Hunter was working on an orange scarf.

12:28- Sydney

I saw mini soap boxes, heart pendant necklaces and spoon rests.

12:16 – Daniel N.

Zach is sitting at a sewing machine for the first time with Bailey.

12:12- Sydney

They are making stuffed dinosaurs in Sewing, like a purple Pterodactyl that matches my shirt.

12:02-Daniel N.

Keri is in Metals attempting  to turn on the forge and Noah is helping her.

11:57- Sydney

There are lots of great products being made here at Seeds For Autism, like heart-shaped cutting boards and honey dippers.

11:47- Sydney

I saw some very pretty ceramic pieces.

11:43 – Daniel N.

I observed chain being made in the jewelry department by JD and  Daniel CH.

11:30- Michele

Newsletter class is starting and we are discussing LIVE BLOGGING. We are going to walk around SEEDs and write about what we see….



Opening Night Fan Event (Avengers: Infinity War)

Hello, my name is Charles and I’m here to talk about the Opening Night Fan Event for the new MARVEL movie Avengers: Infinity War.


Unlike most early screenings in movie theatres the night before they’re officially released, but this event allows you to see the movie one hour early as well as getting treated to exclusive content, being given a special event only concession offer and receiving a collectible coin.


In conclusion, this movie event celebrates the sum total of the entire MARVEL movie franchise. This movie event is scheduled to be at select AMC Theatres on April, 26 at 6PM.


Video Games Live

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Video games and music seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly so by combining the two together you get Video Games Live. Video Games Live is a concert series that consists of video game music performed by a live orchestra combined with live footage of video games and synchronised lighting and effects.  

Video Games Live was founded in 2002 by video game composers Tommy Tallarico and Jack Wall. Together they formed Mystical Stone Entertainment the company that runs Video Games Live. It took three years for Tallarico and Wall to plan the first show, developing the technology for the synchronized lights, videos, effects and the concert itself. The concert made it’s debut on July 6, 2005 at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, California. At the concert the Los Angeles Philharmonic performed to an audience of 11,000  people. The year it debuted three concerts were held. The following year the concert relaunched with an 11 show tour. The concert was then expanded to 20 cities in 2007, 47 cities in 2008, and over 50 cities in 2009. Between 2009 and 2016 more than 300 shows have been held. In 2010 composer Jack Wall left Video Games Live to pursue his own video game composing career.

Every concert held is performed by a local symphonic orchestra and musicians. Video Games live has also performed for lots of people globally as well. Including places like the Middle East, China, South Korea, Japan, Europe, South America, and Australia. Depending on the area that Video Games Live is performing at the composer Tommy Tallarico will choose different songs based upon the area’s favorite games. For instance in Japan they would play songs from the Final Fantasy series. Another instance would be in South Korea where Video Games Live would perform songs from League of Legends. In the past decade Video Games Live has performed with symphonies from all over the world including the National City Orchestra, The Pittsburgh Symphony, The San Francisco Symphony, The National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra, The Spanish National Orchestra, The Phoenix Symphony, and The Polish National Symphony. Video Games Live features a collection of more than 175 music segments from video games of all eras. From games like Final Fantasy, to Halo, World of Warcraft, to Sonic the Hedgehog, to Legend of Zelda, to Kingdom Hearts, and Metal Gear Solid. Other segments include retro arcade games like Donkey Kong and Pac Man. Each game shows footage of the game and special effects are also shown with the segment as well.

During the pre-show event there is a costume contest for people dressing up as video game characters. Another contest has the contestants play classic arcade games such as Frogger and Space Invaders. Another contest has the contestants play the music rhythm game Guitar Hero. The winner of the contests are taken up on stage and they play the game in front of the audience and the orchestra. The concert also features solo performers as well.

Video Games Live sometimes features non video game films to connect the music to other areas such as with the Medal of Honor series where they showcase real films from World War 2.  Another example is in Kingdom Hearts Video Games live that features Disney Films from which the game is based on. For the Pokemon games, Video games Live shows footage from the Pokemon Anime.

The concert sometimes features videos from video game composers themselves. Some of the video game composers include Koji Kondo composer of the Mario and Zelda series. Another example is Nubuo Uamatsu composer of the Final Fantasy series. Video Games Live has also hosted guests such as Shigeru Miyamoto creator of both the Mario and Zelda series, Gabe Newell the founder of Valve, and Sid Meirs creator of the Civilization series.

After the concert is over there is a meet and greet where fans can meet Tommy Tallarico and have him sign autographs. There are also souvenirs from the concert that people can buy such as Cds, DVDs, T-shirts, mouse pads and hats as well. 

I have gone to Video Games Live three times now –  twice with AZ Assist and most recently with some friends. The first Video Games Live that I went to was held at the Mesa Arts Center. The Second Video games Live that I went to was held at the Phoenix Orpheum Theater and the third Video Games Live that I went to was held at the Phoenix Symphony Hall. Overall I have had a lot of fun going to Video Games Live. As a passionate gamer I can definitely say that Video Games Live is worth going to.

Nathan B.


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Jewelry-Making Workshop with Gloria and Justin

At SEEDs for Autism, our ongoing series of workshops provide new opportunities to empower our participants and encourage them to GROW. These talented young adults gain confidence interacting with the community as they assist our staff during these educational and inspirational events!

Intro to Jewelry Making: Mixed Metal Earrings

The Intro to Jewelry Making class on Saturday was a great success! By providing step-by-step instructions and live demonstrations, Gloria (instructor) and Justin M. taught workshop attendees how to create a beautiful pair of mixed metal earrings!

Workshop attendees pay close attention as Justin and Gloria work together to demonstrate each step

Justin SHINES as Gloria’s star pupil in the Jewelry department at SEEDs. Due to his high quality work, attention to detail and delicate touch, Justin is the only participant entrusted to work with more expensive materials such as silver. This workshop at SEEDs for Autism gave Justin the opportunity to take a leadership role and share his talents and skills with the community!

Justin provides one on one instruction


Justin demonstrates how to use the drill


Justin supervises while his student drills


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If you would like to learn more about this life-changing program please visit our website

Spring Poetry at SEEDs for Autism

Writing poetry encourages creativity and self-expression. Poetry stirs the imagination and helps us grow emotionally and intellectually as we examine our thoughts and feelings in a symbolic way.  Here, the participants at SEEDs for Autism use poetry to celebrate the coming of Spring!


Primitive Technology

by Connor O


Stone adze(top) and hatchet(bottom)

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 Most primitive tools were made out of either wood, stone, flint, bone, or obsidian. Stone tools helped early humans to gain the power of farming, mining and so much more. With mining came the Bronze Age and with it, new technology.


A primitive stone shovel

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By mixing tin and copper together, people created an alloy called bronze. It was stronger and more flexible than copper or gold and didn’t rust. With the creation of bronze though, man could now effectively wage war against each other.

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When everybody had bronze weapons people realized that they needed something to protect themselves with, so they made armor, shields and polearms.

Mesopotamian warrior

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wooden bronze shield

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