LEGO: Marvel’s Avengers(Review)

Hello, my name is Charles and I’m here to review LEGO: Marvel’s Avengers for the PlayStation 4. LEGO: Marvel’s Avengers is based on multiple Marvel films.


The multiple Marvel films in this game are Marvel’s the Avengers,

Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron,

Marvel’s Captain America: The First Avenger,

Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier,

Marvel’s Iron Man 3 and Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World.


The movie locations in this game are Baron Strucker’s Castle (Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron),

SHIELD Secret Base (Marvel’s The Avengers),

Stuttgart, Germany (Marvel’s The Avengers),

SHIELD Helicarrier UNN Alpha (Marvel’s The Avengers),

New York City (Marvel’s the Avengers),

HeliCarrier (Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier),

STARK Mansion, Malibu (Marvel’s Iron Man 3),

ROXXON Corporation, Tennessee (Marvel’s Iron Man 3),

Asgard (Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World),

London (Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World),

AVENGERS Tower (Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron),

Korea (Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron) and Sokovia (Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron).


In conclusion, I found that this game truly showcases all said Marvel films in true, humorous LEGO fashion which in turn gives its multiple story plots an extra twist every way/every time.

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A Message to all Apple Haters

I’ve been a huge fan of Apple since 2006 since I got my very first Apple product: Late 2006 20 inch iMac.  And over the years, I’ve been constantly learning more and more about computers like CPUs, Hard Drives, Operating Systems, etc.  But I mainly prefer Apple products because Apple offers some incredible technology in their Operating Systems like the Graphics API Metal, a powerful encryption and security system, and Project Catalyst which allows developers to easily put their existing iPhone and iPad Apps to the Mac.


But I obviously know that a lot of People don’t think the same way as I do.  During my time in High School, I talked about Apple a lot and some of my friends are okay with it and others would give me a bunch of backlash that I never needed at all.  To make matters worse, I heard recently in 2019 that Apple is the most hated company in the internet and outside of the internet, and people are saying nasty comments in the comment fields in Apple articles.  There’s also some YouTube videos about people being very biased and saying things that are not true. Even though some YouTube videos are full of false information about Apple, there are more likes than dislikes in those videos which really triggered me a lot.


All of this hate has really made a lot of Apple Fans discouraged including myself.  So I have something to say to all Apple haters. Show some respect to some people that prefer something that you don’t like.  This doesn’t apply to Apple, Google, and Microsoft. It also applies to other things like people prefer vegetables over fruit.  So please show some kindness and respect to Apple Fans and we’ll do the same for you guys.


-Ethan L.  

Live Blogging the SEEDs for Autism Art Jam 2019

10:15 – Sitting here with Angel, Sydney and all the other participants at SEEDs for Autism waiting for people to start arriving!

10:38 – Scenes from the Art Jam

Anna and the Jurassic Park vehicle
Jesse in the Jurassic Park vehicle


The Cashiers


Visitors learn blacksmithing
Mary-Ann and the Phoenix policeman
The Phoenix Ghostbusters in the make-take room
Brian D. driving Herbie the Love Bug
Jurassic Park Vehicle
Sonja enjoying her lunch



Red Pandas

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Red Panda


By Chris M


The Red Panda is an unusual small mammal from the high mountains of the Himalayas and Northwestern China. You may think that Red Pandas are connected to Giant Pandas. Well, not really. The only connection between the two species is that they love eating bamboo. The Red Panda is more the size of a house cat compared to its black and white opposite.

Image result for Giant panda

Another feature Red Pandas have with Giant Pandas is their pseudo-thumbs, a type of wrist bone that’s used to hold onto bamboo while eating. Almost like a monkey or chimpanzees’ opposable thumb.

Image result for red panda pseudo thumb

The Red Panda is a skilled climber, using trees for shelter, to avoid predators such as Snow Leopards and Martens, and to sunbathe on a branch during winter. It’s also pretty playful in the snow, jumping around and playing with other Red Pandas that are nearby.

Image result for red panda

Red Pandas are the only living members of the family Ailuridae but in a few years, they might not be around anymore. Their population is decreasing due to habitat loss, poaching and inbreeding depression.

Image result for red panda hides

But there is hope. Conservation has reached out to the Red Panda and people are working together to save this endangered species so that they can survive in a new generation.

Image result for red panda rescue

There are places that wish to protect this species. You too can join in and support Red Panda Conservation.

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Wendy’s (Review)

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(Restaurant Review)

By Chris M

I enjoy going to Wendy’s. It’s a nice, quick & welcoming fast-food place that lives by its number 1 rule: Every Hamburger must be Fresh & never Frozen. It all started with an idea by founder Dave Thomas, who believed that Fresh quality is key to a Hamburger’s success, not freezing it for another day like McDonald’s.

Image result for mcdonald's frozen burgers

I enjoy going to the Wendy’s location near my neighborhood. I’ve gone there so many times with either my Mom or Dad that their servers are starting to recognize me. Isn’t that special.

Overall, I like Wendy’s nice & welcoming environment where I can sit down and enjoy my food, even if there are a lot customers or if there’s music I don’t enjoy hearing.

Hope you would enjoy it too.

Ethan’s Experience with Video Media

Sony HXR-MC2500 Shoulder Mount AVCHD Camcorder

Before I start editing videos, I’ve been learning about different camera shots, other types of equipment that filmmakers use, and some do’s and don’ts when you’re a Director or a Video Editor.  All of this information is provided in the Presentations by Scott.

After we learn all of that, we got a Refurbished Dell Desktop Tower Computer, install updates, and install third-party applications from Adobe including Adobe Premiere Pro.  Jake manage to record a lot of clips from Find Your Corporate Zen and now Jake, other students, and I were experiencing editing the clips and combining them into one video file by using Adobe Premiere Pro and it’s powerful features.

That’s not the only thing we did in Video Media however.  We also did some Stop-Motion Animation by using LEGO figures and some building sets, even though I’ve never done Stop-Motion Animation in Video Media before.


-Ethan L.

Seeds for Autism Student

Be a Star

For those on the autism spectrum, finding opportunities to socialize and connect with others can be especially difficult. At SEEDs for Autism, we are happy to provide organized recreational activities in a structured, supportive environment where participants can engage with their peers, cultivate new experiences and have FUN! Our BE A STAR workshop empowered participants to express themselves creatively, practice social skills and SHINE as they learned elements of dance, comedy and theater during this wonderful introduction to performance art! 


I went to the “Be a Star” event at SEEDs for Autism where we learned about theater, dance, and comedy. First I learned dance and what different styles there are and how to express yourself while doing so. The different styles were jazz, ballet, and modern. Jazz dancing is like you’re back in the 50s going to a hop with very energetic lively movements. Ballet is more graceful as if you’re in a fairy-tale dancing with prince charming. Modern is however you feel in the moment you can dance emotions you want to express. The next part was theater and learning how to read a script, speaking when it’s your cue and convincing the audience what you are trying to convey. Last was comedy where we learned how to tell a joke, getting the timing right and to get a laugh out of your audience. In the end I learned about performing and what to do to keep your audience’s attention.