Kindness Club at SEEDs for Autism

As part of our exciting online programming, SEEDs for Autism created a series of virtual groups, workshops and clubs where adults on the autism spectrum can connect with their peers through shared interests and opportunities. In the Kindness Club, SEEDs participants come together and find ways to cultivate kindness in our community! Last month the Kindness Club worked with Ashleigh at the Arizona Humane Society to make toys for the shelter cats!

After we finished making the toys, Ashleigh gave us a zoom tour of the Humane Society and showed us all the animals they have as well as the rooms of what they do there.
The type of animals they take are dogs, cats, guinea pigs, ferrets and some other animals. They bring in animals when their family can no longer take care of their pets, if they are abused, brought in by law enforcement, sick and injured, emergencies etc. For the animals they do take in they spay and neuter them, give them food and shelter and take care of their injuries. After the animal is healthy they go to foster homes or get ready to be placed for adoption. Before they get adopted they need to be able to eat and drink on their own. Also they make sure to place them in a safe home and give them a second chance at life with a new family.
The Humane Society is always looking for volunteers. They are a non profit organization and always looking for donations, as well as other things that they have on their website.

To learn more about the Arizona Humane Society and find out how you can help,
please visit their website

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