Black Beauty

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The novel Black Beauty, is without a doubt, one of the best books ever written, in my opinion. In the story, Black Beauty goes through life with a series of owners, some good, others not so much, but he tries to be a hard worker anyway. In the beginning, he is born to Duchess and she begins teaching him to be good and a hard worker.

His first owner is Farmer Grey, who treats him very well. His next master, Squire Gordon, was also kind, but, had to sell Beauty and Ginger because of his wife’s illness. During his time with the squire, he had a stable boy named Joe, who didn’t know how to take care of a horse, and Beauty fell ill as a result.

The Earl and Lady W were Beauty’s next owners and Lady W liked to force the horses to wear a bearing rein, in the name of “high fashion”. Ginger hated wearing it and lashed out at the stable hands. Reuben Smith was the earl’s manager who had a drinking problem and, one night, rode Beauty to a tavern and got drunk, then tried to ride Beauty home with a loose horseshoe, was bucked from the saddle and died of a head injury.

His next owner was Jerry Baker, a cab driver, who took good care of Beauty until, he took a passenger who made him wait in a blizzard and Jerry contracted Bronchitis and was retired by the doctor. Beauty’s next owner put him in a stall with poor lighting and Beauty nearly went blind. The foreman liked to overload Beauty to reduce the number of trips needed. The Carter hates making Beauty carry extra heavy loads and he makes Beauty wear the bearing rein until a women shows him that it’s unnecessary.

Then Farmer Thoroughgood and his grandson, Willie, take ownership of Beauty and care for him. Beauty’s final owners are 3 elderly women named Miss Blomefield, Miss Ellen, Miss Lavinia, who treat him well in his final days. He is recognized by Joe Green, the stable hand, years later.

This book changed the way people treated horses. The book’s release sparked intense outrage and laws were passed to protect horses from cruelty and abuse. The bearing rein was banned from use and people began treating horses better.

by Sydney