Why I Love The Christmas Season

Everybody has their favorite holiday, for some it’s July Fourth others it’s Halloween. My favorite holiday is Christmas . But it’s not just Christmas day  I love but also the season around which starts for me in December. I don’t really count November being in the Christmas season because for me it’s just the season where people go crazy over Black Friday and eat a lot. In December I think people are more friendly because of the holiday and seem to be more giving to the less fortunate. I can tell because of people giving money to the people in the salvation army. People will say have a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays to someone who helped them out of kindness. I think Americans as a whole are very helpful people but to me at least they seem to be more helpful because it’s a season of giving and a tradition to celebrate for many people. However I will acknowledge that it can be stressful for all of us but when Christmas day actually comes I think everyone’s stress goes away a bit because they are with the ones they love and showing how they care. I kind of appreciate  how one can get stressed out looking for presents or making a family dinner because they wouldn’t do that if they didn’t care about the ones they love. Those are the reasons I love the Christmas season and Christmas day.

By Anna P.




This is the story of how we got the greatest job on earth. It was December 8 and Mary Ann wanted us to meet her husband. We heard he only works one day a year so Mary Ann has to work more. We were surprised he was Santa, which makes Mary Ann Mrs. Claus. He explained that the elfs are great workers but they are only good at making toys so he doesn’t have anything to give to all the good adults in the world. But Santa has an idea, for as long as he could remember he loved the fine quality products we make at Seeds. Mary ann even gave him a birdhouse on their first date. Santa wanted us to work for him. We make a lot of products and on Christmas eve he wants us to deliver them around the world with him. So now every year when Santa brings Christmas we bring Seedsmas.