Autism In Love Review


The Autism in Love movie is about two couples and one male autistic young man named Lenny. Lenny was a teenager that got diagnosed at an early age but wasn’t too happy about it because the only support he had was his mother. The couple Lindsey and Dave were in a relationship for many years and didn’t marry for 8 years after that. But Steven and Gita were married for many years until Gita passed away from cancer. Stephen was autistic, and Gita was not but they both loved each other very much. They understood each other and both had redeeming qualities.

Lindsey and Dave were in a relationship and faced problems, but they talked things through when a problem between them occurred. They loved to do things together after Lindsey got home from work. This included watching tv, playing the piano, making dinner, and taking walks in the park. Steven and Gita had their problems too but they were relatively calm about it. Lenny had a lot more problems than both couples had together because he only had his mom to support him. Lenny’s mother wanted to help him but he didn’t want to accept his own problems, and had a hard time understanding how he fit into society.

The challenges that the two couples faced when they were in a relationship varied on what the did together and who they were around. Lindsay and Dave’s challenge was deciding when did they want to get married and would it benefit them in the long run. But Steven and Gita had a relatively calm and peaceful life and didn’t have many challenges because Stephen’s parents were able to help both of them.

The Autism In Love movie told the stories of an autistic couple, a couple with an autistic guy and neurotypical lady and an autistic guy who was not in a relationship. The couple that I related to the most was Lindsay and Dave, but I could also relate to Stephen a little bit. All five had their own problems, but most of them were able to work things out by talking to each other. Lenny wasn’t able to get help for the problems he faced because of how he thought society would treat him if he were in a relationship with someone. What I really liked about the movie was that it had detailed, realistic accounts of people who had autism and how they dealt with relationships on a day-to-day basis.

By Megan H