Featured Artist: Interview with Camille

Animals and Rainbows by Camille
“The drawing is really cool because it’s vibrant, creative, and cute.”  Brianna

Developing social skills is an important area of focus at SEEDs for Autism. One of the creative, yet practical ways we practice these skills is by conducting interviews. Participants make eye contact, utilize active listening and focus on the speaker to gain information. Brianna put these skills into ACTION by interviewing one of her peers about her love of drawing.


Question: What are your favorite things to draw?
Answer: Nature, landscapes, travels, and animals.
Question: How long have you been drawing?
Answer: I started when I was little.
Question: How did you learn to draw so well?
Answer: By looking at pictures, illustrations, cartoons and different shapes or something to get ideas.
Question: Why do you like drawing?
Answer: Because it’s fun, relaxing, it makes me happy, and it’s my hobby!

Interviewer: Brianna

Self Portrait by Camille
“I like this drawing because it’s pretty abstract.” Brianna



New Year Goals

This year I have discovered I am actually good with drawing and sketching things with a pencil, nothing too complicated but for the next year I kind of wish that I could explore that area and try out painting or even maybe something like that. I like abstract things so maybe when I get the items to try to make a painting for myself as I explore that, or better yet try and just make my sketches at larger sizes, make more detail, add color. And even though I don’t have much of an incentive to do it I really want to try.

And a main reason I want to try this is because my —— is actually an excellent artist at 11 and has made, and sold paintings of her own and I’m kind of inspired by her and would like to learn how to do those kind of drawings.

Also Michele had inspired me also to explore more into the subject, helping me to draw and she even gifted me a sketch book that I have filled with doodles and sketches that I have created, another reason why I might make this my goal for 2018.

Seeds Encourages Me to Be Creative


I am in physical control with the piece that I shape with my

Own two hands in the wood department with my own independence.


I feel free to express myself due to the energetic atmosphere

In Amy’s department.


I am also inspired to be myself and use my imagination because of

The inspiring people I work with.