Hello my name is Daniel and I’m writing about my experience in the wood department at SEEDs. My experience has been good and I have learned how to turn wood on a lathe with the tools such as the roughing gouge. Mr. Ed has been a good teacher, he has helped me learn about the tools and the lathe. The electric lathe is fun to work with because I can make pens and bowls. I made cattails for Summer Winds recently with wood. I had to sand them until they were smooth. I started with 150 grit paper and then went to 220 grit paper.

I made a coffee container on a lathe and it got purchased by my Mom at the last show we had at Seeds. It makes me very confident in myself.  It was hard in the beginning for me to get the right motions for the different tools but I learned how to use them for their intended purposes. Turning wood is very relaxing and it is very fun.

I did not know anything about wood turning when I first got to SEEDs for Autism. It was hard so I had to learn about how to control the tools. Practice helped me perfect my wood turning skills.

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by Daniel N.