Final Fantasy X(Review)

Hello, my name is Charles & I’m here to review the PlayStation 2 game Final Fantasy X.


This game takes place on an alternate version of Earth called Spira which comprises of grand cities, ancient temples & sacred land masses. Here is some examples of some areas in the game you will encounter in the game which consists of Besaid island, the Stadium in Luca, Bevelle temple, Mt. Gagazet & the city of Zanarkand.


The protagonists in this game consist of Tidus (BlitzBall player/Guardian)(weapon: LongSwords), Yuna (Summoner/White mage)(weapon: Staffs), Auron (Warrior Monk/Guardian)(weapon: Katanas), Wakka (BlitzBall player/Guardian)(weapon: BlitzBalls), Lulu (Guardian/Black mage)(weapon: Dolls), Kimahri Ronso (Guardian)(weapon: Spears) & Rikku (Guardian)(weapon: Gauntlets).


The antagonists in this game consist of Sin (Monster/Incarnation of Darkness), Seymour Guado (Villain/Evil Mastermind), Jecht (Tidus’ father/BlitzBall player/Guardian) & Yu Yevon (Demonic Spirit/Embodiment of Evil).


In conclusion, this game teaches those who play it to play out their own life stories in real life situations.

Valefor (Wind Aeon-Besaid temple)

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Ifrit (Fire Aeon-Kilika temple)

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Ixion (Thunder Aeon-Djose temple)

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Shiva (Ice Aeon-Macalania temple)

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Bahamut (Divine Aeon-Bevelle temple)

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Final Fantasy VIII(Review)

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Hello, my name is Charles & I’m here to review the PlayStation 1 game Final Fantasy VIII.


This game takes place on a parallel version of Earth orbited by 1 moon & 2 suns as well as comprised of 3 continents which consist of Balamb, Galbadia, and Esthar. A few examples of some major locations featured in this game are consisted of Balamb Garden (Military Academy/main HQ), Deling City (Galbadia’s capital), D-District Prison (Galbadia’s maximum security prison) & the Lunar Base (a Estharian space station).


The protagonists in this game consist of Squall Leonhart (main hero/taciturn/lone wolf)(weapon: GunBlade-gun shaped sword)(design: Revolver), Rinoa Heartilly (resistance leader/potential sorceress)(weapon: Blaster Edge-bladed projectile), Quistis Trepe (Balamb Garden’s instructor/blue mage)(weapon: Chain Whip), Zell Dincht (Martial Artist)(weapon: Gauntlets), Selphie Tilmitt (weapon: Nunchaku), Irvine Kinneas (an elite sharpshooter/cowboy/ladies man)(weapon: Rifle) & Laguna Loire (Squall’s father/ex-Galbadian soldier)(weapon: Machine Gun).


The antagonists in this game consist of Ultimecia (main villainess/futuristic sorceress)(weapons: Magic/Manipulator of Time) & Seifer Almasy (Squall’s rival/disciplinarian)(weapon: GunBlade-gun shaped sword)(design: Hyperion).


In conclusion, I found this game to be quite action packed yet emotionally heartwarming.

(Game Logo)

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(Squall’s GunBlade)

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(Seifer’s Gunblade)

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Final Fantasy IX(Review)

Hello, my name is Charles and I’m here to review the PlayStation game Final Fantasy IX.

This game takes place on a parallel version of Earth called GAIA via 4 capital cities consisting of a dark city called Treno populated by both aristocrats & paupers, an eternally rainy city called Burmecia populated by an anthropomorphic race of Dragon Knights called Dragoons, a technologically advanced city called Lindblum which is governed by it’s resident Regent and the kingdom of Alexandria which is governed by it’s resident queen.


The protagonists in this game consist of Zidane Tribal (Main Character/Daggers), Vivi (Black Mage/Staves), Garnet Til Alexandros XVII aka Dagger (White Mage/Summoner), Adelbert Steiner (Knight/2-handed Swords), Amarant Coral (Savage Warrior/Claws), Freya Crescent (Dragoon/Spears), Quina Quen (Blue Mage) and Eiko Carol (White Mage/Summoner).


The antagonists in this game consist of Kuja (Main Villain/Mage), Garland (Evil Mastermind/ Sorcerer) and Necron (Evil Incarnate/Embodiment of Darkness).


In conclusion, I found this game to be both highly emotional & overly plot-twisting.

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Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII(Review)

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Hello, my name is Charles and I’m here to review the PS2 game Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII.


This game takes place 3 years after the events of Final Fantasy VII for the PS1 with Vincent Valentine as the main hero this time around. This game is also the final chapter of the Final Fantasy VII storyline


This game is a 1st person shooter/RPG game and we also learn the full complete story behind Vincent Valentine’s tragic life while saving the world from being completely destroyed by a manufactured army of evil incarnation known as DeepGround.


This game features a returning cast of characters comprised of heroes and villains both old and new.


The cast of heroes consist of Vincent Valentine(Enigmatic Hero)(triple barreled handgun called Cerberus), Cait Sith(Artificial Feline),Red XIII(Wastrel), Cloud Strife(former 1st class soldier)(Fusion Sword), Barret Wallace(former rebel)(Gun Arm), Tifa Lockhart(Cloud’s childhood friend)(Martial Arts), Cid Highwind(pilot and engineer)(Spear) and Yuffie Kisaragi(ninja and materia hunter)(4 Pointed Shuriken).


The cast of villains consist of Professor Hojo(Evil Scientist), Azul the Cerulean(Giant Hand Cannon), Rosso the Crimson(Double Bladed GunBlade), Shelke the Transparent(Twin EM Sabers), Nero the Sable(Guns, Bladed Wings and Darkness) and Weiss the Immaculate(Twin GunBlades).


In Conclusion, I consider this game a perfect definition of a climatic ending to a game series, especially when the game series is part of the Final Fantasy franchise.

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Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

Hello, my name is Charles and I’m here to preview the upcoming game Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age.


Originally Released for the PS2 on March 16, 2006, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age has been officially remastered for the PS4.


The main protagonists of this game are Vaan (Rebel Orphan)(Swords/Greatswords), Ashe (Dalmascan princess) (Katanas), Basch (Knight) (Swords/Spears), Balthier (Sky Pirate) (Guns), Fran(Viera) (Bows), Penelo (Vaan’s Childhood Friend) (Staffs).


The main antagonists of this game are Vayne (Archadian prince) and Gabranth  (Basch twin brother/Archadian judge)(Twin Swords).


An example of this game’s story is that the Archadian empire is waging war in an ongoing attempt towards world domination, thus resulting in the deaths of Reks (Dalmascan soldier/Vaan’s older brother), Rasler (Nabudisian prince/Ashe’s husband) and Raminas  (Dalmascan king/Ashe’s father).


In conclusion, I believe this game will be a bigger hit than its PS2 counterpart and is scheduled for release on July 11, 2017.


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Sony PlayStation

My name is Dallas I am going to talk about the Sony PlayStation which has got the controller, console, and memory card. The controller is gray and it has buttons on it which controls the characters in the game. The console has the reset, power, and open buttons and I plug the controller in the console so I can play it. I plug the memory card on the console so I can save my games so I can play where I left off. My favorite games are Resident Evil, Mega Man, Final Fantasy, Army Men, and Disney games.

World of Final Fantasy

  Hello, my name is Charles and I’m here to talk about the new PS4 game World Of Final Fantasy. World Of Final Fantasy is the 3rd Final Fantasy Crossover to appear on the Sony Playstation console featuring Princess Sarah and the Warrior Of Light (Sword and Shield) from Final Fantasy I, Refia (White Mage) from Final Fantasy III, Rydia (Summoner) and Rydia’s Esper companion Mist Dragon from Final Fantasy IV, Bartz Klauser (Mimic) and his Chocobo companion Boko, Gilgamesh (Mercenary) and Faris Scherwiz (Pirate) from Final Fantasy V, Terra Branford (Esper-Summoner) and her MagiTek Armor, Edgar Roni Figaro (Warrior-King) and Celes Chere (Knight)(Runic Blade: Sword) from Final Fantasy VI, Cloud Strife (Soldier-1st Class)(Buster: Blade Sword) from Final Fantasy VII, Tifa Lockhart (Martial Arts Master) from Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, Shelk Rui (DeepGround Soldier)(Twin EM Sabers) from Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus and Sephiroth (One Winged Angel)(MasaMune: Katana) from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Squall Leonhart (GunBlade: Revolver Class Model) and Quistis Trepe (Whip)(SeeDs Mercenaries) from Final Fantasy VIII, Vivi Ornitier (Black Mage) Eiko Carol (Summoner) and Eiko’s Esper/Wolf companion Fenrir from Final Fantasy IX, Tidus (BlitzBall Player)(Brotherhood: Sword) and Yuna (High Summoner) From Final Fantasy X & Rikku (Al Bhed Warrior/Treasure Hunter) from Final Fantasy X-2, Shantotto (Sorceress) from Final Fantasy XI, Lightning (Angelic Warrior)(Crimson Blade: Sword) from Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns, Snow Villiers (Adventurous Warrior) from Final Fantasy XIII and Chocolatte (Chocobo Lover-Merchant) from Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Sherlotta (Sorceress/ShapeShifter-Human to Cat and Back Again) from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes Of Time. Also, Final Fantasy summoning based creatures make a reappearance in this game consisting of Ramuh (Thunder), Shiva(Ice), Ifrit (Fire), Valefor (Wind), Cactuar (Desert), TonBerry (Assassin), Siren (Magic), Leviathan (Water), Diabolos (Dark), Carbuncle (Healer-Illusionist), Odin (Warrior), Bahamut (Dragon) and Ultima Weapon (Divine). The main protagonists are Lann, his older twin sister Reynn, their magical friend, companion and navigator Tama (short for Tamamohime) and their mystical friend and Mirage CareTaker Seraphie (short for Diva Seraphie). The main antagonists are leaders of the Bahamutian Federation consisting of Pellinore: the Plumed Knight, Segwarides: the Knight in the Golden Mask and Brandelis: the Herald King. The game’s story takes place in a world called Grymoire through scenic Final Fantasy locations such as Cornelia from Final Fantasy I, PyreGlow Forest from Final Fantasy X, Saronia from Final Fantasy III, Nibelheim from Final Fantasy VII, Mako Reactor 0 from Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus, Besaid from Final Fantasy X, the Library of the Ancients, Figaro’s Castle and the UnderGround Prison from Final Fantasy VI. This game also features iconic Final Fantasy monsters such as Princess Goblin (Royalty), Behemoth (Beast), Moogle (Misc), Bomb (Fire) and Undead Princess (Death). In conclusion, this game not only celebrates Final Fantasy’s 30th anniversary but in my opinion is the next best thing after both the Dissidia: Final Fantasy games for the Sony PSP and the Final Fantasy: Theatrhythm for the Nintendo 3DS.




(Top: Lann with his Allies Tama and Behemoth and Reynn with her companoins Chocochick and Magitek Armor)

(Middle: Game Poster)

(Bottom: Final Fantasy characters from left to right(Lightning-FF13, Tidus-FF10, Warrior Of Light-FF1, Cloud-FF7 and Squall-FF8)