Halloween Candy Review by Brian D.

My favorite candy is candy corn. It is very good and it has different colors of white, orange, and yellow.


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So everybody can share candy corn together if they tried it and like it.


Candy corn is part of the Halloween candy but it’s kind of different candy. Have you ever tried candy corn before?


Halloween Poem

Halloween is a black spider creeping across the blood-stained wall. Halloween is a gnarled tree tapping on the window. Halloween is a bright orange pumpkin shining in the pitch-black night. Halloween is the sound of children in various costumes going door- to- door. Halloween is witches on broomsticks flying through the air. Halloween is a gaggle of monsters on the prowl. Halloween is a haunted house in the middle of nowhere. Halloween is candy being devoured greedily. Halloween is a black cat bounding down the street. Halloween is a ghost popping up in  random spots and saying Boooooooooooooo.