Why I Love The Christmas Season

Everybody has their favorite holiday, for some it’s July Fourth others it’s Halloween. My favorite holiday is Christmas . But it’s not just Christmas day  I love but also the season around which starts for me in December. I don’t really count November being in the Christmas season because for me it’s just the season where people go crazy over Black Friday and eat a lot. In December I think people are more friendly because of the holiday and seem to be more giving to the less fortunate. I can tell because of people giving money to the people in the salvation army. People will say have a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays to someone who helped them out of kindness. I think Americans as a whole are very helpful people but to me at least they seem to be more helpful because it’s a season of giving and a tradition to celebrate for many people. However I will acknowledge that it can be stressful for all of us but when Christmas day actually comes I think everyone’s stress goes away a bit because they are with the ones they love and showing how they care. I kind of appreciate  how one can get stressed out looking for presents or making a family dinner because they wouldn’t do that if they didn’t care about the ones they love. Those are the reasons I love the Christmas season and Christmas day.

By Anna P.



This year for Thanksgiving I have something new to be thankful for: Seeds For Autism. When  I started coming here I made friends like Sydney and Jeff. The people I met here are really nice and I even have a crush on someone. At Seeds For Autism I learn things I want to know like writing on a blog, doing ceramics, making products and learning how to help people like me. There are some mentors that I look up to like Michele she does awesome artwork and good at writing on the blog. She made me believe that I could make art that could get in a museum. Maryann helps a lot of us and I want to learn how to help the others too. Ann makes great ceramics and I would like to see the stuff I make get sold. Hilja does weaving and I loved doing that I made a baby beanie. So for Thanksgiving I’m thankful for going to the Seeds For Autism and seeing the people that are like family to me.