The History of Wacky Packages by Jessica

Wacky packages are a Topps product that came out in 1973 with the first modern set. There are just a bizarre set of  cards that are parodies of famous brands.

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The Beginning of Wacky Packages    

In September of 1961 a man by the name of Paul Laikini illustrated an article on Camel cigarettes in issue #21 of Cracked Magazine. It showed a picture of an upside down camel named after the egyptian president Gamel. Fast forward 6 years to 1967 when Art Spiegelman drew the first wacky packages, and so begins a trend deliberated by millions of children everywhere.

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The First Set of Modern Wacky Packs Cards

In Spring of 1973 the first set of Wacky Packages cards came out. The peel and stick cards came out with a set of 30 to collect. Some were rarer than other because some of the cards only printed one per sheet while others printed 6 per sheet.

Wacky packages changed mostly stayed there until 2016 when MLB wacky series came out one example is Arizona diamondbacks.

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The Wacky Packages in my opinion is they are funny stupid and entertaining. Here are some of my favorites is highlight to Thanksgiving being in just a few days I have a surprise image for you.

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Shape shifting frogs

Once upon a time there was a very silly frog. The frog goes ribbit and whenever the frog goes ribbit he becomes human. When the frog is human he works at a circus. His job at the circus is to be the ringmaster. The ringmaster is wearing a necklace hat and sunglasses . When he turns back into a frog he uses his long sticky tongue to catch flies. The frog thinks flies are very tasty. He accidentally said ribbit and ate a fly when he was a human. He said ew that’s disgusting. The frog can shapeshift back and forth between a human and frog.

The end

By Sonja , David , Michele and Jonatan



I have been doing research on autism but I wanted to learn more because I was not in high school anymore. I was alone with nobody to give me inspiration. I wanted to make new friends and I wanted to meet people like me. With some help from Todd, I found what I was looking for. There was a place where people like me go to learn how to get a job and how to be a better person. That place is Seeds For Autism. At Seeds, I got to make some friends and I noticed a connection between my new friends and my friends from high school:  a strong sense of humor. People with autism are very funny and like to laugh. I’m practically the funnest guy in the world. I can make a joke about anything.






BY Matthew A.