Sharing Our Thoughts on Mother’s Day

Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.

Moms are always there for us, guiding us, supporting us, comforting us and loving us unconditionally! For Mother’s Day, we asked SEEDs participants to reflect on their lives and share with our audience what makes their Mom so special! Here are the wonderful results.

My mom is special because she does so much for me. I love my mom because she is awesome. My mom helps me gel my hair. We celebrate Mother’s Day by going shopping. I love my mom because she is fun to hang out with. 

I think Mother’s Day is a good holiday because you can go out to eat. I will buy my Mom a gift this year. I have to ask her to see what she wants. Mom is special because she takes me places. I also think she’s special by being kind to the family. I love my mom because she is special and kind, and courteous to others. She helps me by taking me to doctor’s appointments. We celebrate Mother’s Day by taking her out for lunch or dinner. I love my mom.

I help my mom with groceries and stuff. What I like about my mom is she raised me with my stepfather too. We celebrate Mother’s Day at my house or my brother’s house or a restaurant.

Mom is so sweet and happy. I love mom for making eggs and tortillas. My mom helps me watering plants. We celebrate Mother’s Day with cyan and blue hearts. I love my mom because she soo funny and sweet and nice.

Hello my name is Mark. I want to write about my mom. She is nice to me and she helps me to understand things. She helps me with my goals like learning to get my driver’s license.

My mom is special because she loves me. I love it when my mom gives me stuff and takes me to places I want. She helps me with my acting and singing for plays. We go to dinner for Mother’s Day. I love my mom because she’s a really good cook and she makes delicious food.

Mom helps me with driving. I like my Mom’s Cooking. My mom’s best cooking is Spaghetti and meatballs, Lasagna, steak and mashed potatoes, corn on a cob and Hamburger Helper. And she takes me on vacation and takes me to Disneyland and Disneyworld. She takes me to the movies and to all the amusement parks and she gives me birthday presents and Christmas presents.

Hello my name is Daniel and I’m going to be writing about my mom. She is very special because she helps me weed at Luna Azul. She also schedules rides for me and does pickup times calling Dial A Ride. They have a list of times available on the website. Sometimes 3:00 is not on the website. She has me booked for 1:00 on Friday for yoga with Regan, my instructor. My mom makes curried veggies with meat from the grocery store. I love my mom  because she supported my decision to put Queenie down. I did not want her to suffer. 

One way that I celebrate on Mother’s Day is that I find a gift for her like a notebook to write in and a bracelet. Also to have dinner together.

I am supported by my mother in ways that far surpass the value of any material possession. She provided me with all the necessary tools needed for critical thinking and understanding other people’s perspectives. These tools have proven to be valuable assets to becoming an independent adult. She’s a very creative person, and though I did not necessarily inherit those genes, my mother’s imprinting shows how I am able to be so dynamic in spite of being on the Spectrum. My mother helps me remain on track with my life’s goals, provides nourishment, and even if I didn’t need as much support from her, she will always be there for me when I’m at a low point. My family and I have a meal together at my Grandmother’s house and exchange gifts. Though I’m still getting used to figuring out what people like, I eagerly anticipate seeing their reactions to receiving my presents – though albeit, with a bit of underlying anxiety. Nevertheless, they always appreciate the kind gesture and return the favor in earnest. I love my mom because she never gives up on me,

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Someone I Look Up To and Why – by Jake M

My name is Jake and I’m going to write about a person I see as a role model. That person is Hilary Knight. She plays for the U.S. Women’s Hockey Team. She’s really good. Knight has won 4 Olympic Medals. Three of them are Silver and the other is Gold. She has also played for the U.S. at the Ice Hockey World Championships. She helped the U.S. win 8 World Championships and three runner-up finishes at the World Championships. She’s a role model for me because she is really talented. She is also a good role model because she is a great ambassador for women’s hockey as she helped form the Professional Women’s Hockey Players Association, which is organized as a nonprofit organization geared towards establishing new opportunities for women to play hockey. Hilary Knight also does NHL commentary on ESPN.


At SEEDs, our participants rotate through a variety of individual departments to experience different jobs, learn new skill sets and discover new interests, talents and connections. This rotation helps students become more flexible, step out of their comfort zones and GROW. We asked our participants to tell us about their favorite departments, and describe what they learned there.

My favorite departments at SEEDs are Media lab, Newsletter and Wood. I like Media lab because Katrina is nice and I learned to use Photoshop. In the Newsroom I get to use computers and write for the news. I also learned how to use the Google Drive. In Wood I like to build cool things and I learned how to use tools and sandpaper.

My favorite department at SEEDs is the Newsletter Department. The reason the Newsletter Department is my favorite department, is because I can write about the stuff that I am interested in. It allows me to express myself and show others the stuff that I am interested in.

My Favorite department at Seeds is the Newsroom because I get to work on the computer. I learned writing, I learned graphics and I learned about social media. Working in this department makes me feel happy.

My favorite department is the Newsletter and Media Lab. I like it that I get to learn how to write movie reviews or write about events that take place in SEEDS and other places. In Media Lab I also learn how to copy and paste an image and also how to draw/design.

My favorite departments at Seeds are Newsletter, Screen Printing and Weaving. In Screen Printing we take the designs we make and print them on screens. Then we cover the backside of the screen in ink, and print the design on the shirt. We also take designs from clients and print them on products for them. I have learned how to create designs on photoshop and how to print them on shirts, bags, and hoodies for clients or for Seeds. I like being in this department because I love creating new designs for Seeds products and clients.

My favorite departments at SEEDs are:

I work with computers & write stories for the blog.
I learned how to deal with tech problems.

I work with tools to create all kinds of stuff from wood.
I learned how laugh at mistakes.

I help create soap & other personal care items.
I learned how to chill with friends 😊

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SEEDs Virtual Art Show 6

At SEEDs for Autism we understand that Art is a powerful form of communication. Art increases observation skills and builds confidence as it stirs our imagination, encourages creativity, promotes self-expression and helps us GROW. For the sixth installment of our Virtual Art Show, we once again invited SEEDs participants to share their talents and their artwork with our online audience!

Justin M's Easter Eggs.png
Easter Eggs by Justin M.
Flowers by Brian D.
Have an Eggslent Easter by Sonja
Owl by Sydney L. (colored pencil)
Whale Shark by Jeremy H. (watercolor)
Colored by Libby
Cooking Up the Love by Chris M.
House Art.png
House Art by Justin M.
Rounded Black Spots.png
Over the weekend I drew doodles of Kirby for fun. I used pencil to draw with. By Sonja.

An Act of Kindness by Anna P

“A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.” – Amelia Earhart

At SEEDs for Autism, we encourage our participants to share their stories. Simple moments we experience can change the way we view the world and help us understand our purpose in life. Here, Anna shares an experience she had at work while helping a customer. It is an inspiration to all of us, and a story worth sharing.

When a person works at a job, like McDonalds or as an accountant at a bank they may think they’re not really helping people in a major way but this is false. One example I have that shows that any job can make a difference happened at Fry’s. I am a courtesy clerk and one of my coworkers told me to help a lady. The lady was blind and had a cane. Because she was blind she couldn’t see where to go to get certain items she needed.

How I helped her was by directing her to go straight, turn backwards or to the side. I was a bit scared helping her though because maybe she wouldn’t know how to maneuver around the store with the directions I gave her. However she did know and I learned more about her as we had a conversation. Where she lived the water was out and she had to ask a neighbor for help. This made me want to help her more because no water in Arizona can lead to health problems and death so I wanted to make sure to give her water. This showed me just how important my job could be.

She used Paratransit and I ran/jogged to make sure the Paratransit was there. I was very focused on making sure she got to the Paratransit because in a way I made a friend when talking and helping her. And friends to me are people who help other people they know. Everything I ever did at Fry’s was worth it because going there on the days scheduled helped me be familiar with my coworkers and the workplace. That helped me find her the items she needed. Best part is the lady gave me a hug making me know that she appreciated me.

Please anyone working at a career they don’t think makes a difference, remember it can. And it’s worth waiting for even at a job you hate.


This article was featured in an issue of the SEEDs for Autism Newsletter. If you would like to subscribe and hear more stories from SEEDs participants, please visit our websiteThank you!

Life In Space Movie Announced by Chris M



I, Chris, have been chosen by author Mr. Ben to write a feature film adaptation of his novel, LIFE IN SPACE: THE PARALLEL EARTH STORY. I have just started writing the screenplay on Google Docs, yet I need a lot of support for this film project to happen in the near future.

Everybody, wish me good luck as I proceed on this important project. As a bonus, go check out the novel LIFE IN SPACE: THE PARALLEL EARTH STORY before the film hits theaters later on.

Learning how to deal with being inside during the Covid-19 Pandemic


If you’re feeling trapped because you can’t leave your house or interact with people who aren’t family members, I’ve got a list of things you can do to productively pass time.

  1. Write in a journal
    1. Whether you’re a writer, or just have something you want to say, but no one to talk to, writing in a journal is a great way to express yourself.
    2. It can be happy things or sad, it depends on what you’re feeling at the moment. It really helps.
  2. Pray
    1. If you’re a spiritual or religious person, praying in times like these might be the best remedy.
    2. You can also go on websites that provide daily devotionals
  3. Read a book
    1. Reading a book is a great way to divert your attention to something other than negative thoughts.
    2. Whether you’re reading fiction, nonfiction, chapter books, or picture books, just read something you’ll enjoy.
  4. Start a hobby
    1. Some people like collecting certain items, or doing activities as a break from life.
    2. Different hobbies or collections include scrapbooking, coin collecting, trading cards, sports memorabilia.
  5. Sing a song
    1. Singing a song is a great way to express your creativity.
    2. It’s a great way to spread joy in yourself and others.
    3. The key is singing something upbeat, otherwise it defeats the purpose, which is to lighten the mood of your day.
    4. If you don’t know the lyrics, go to youtube and find a sing-along version so that you can practice the words.
    5. It’s a good mind exercise.
  6. Watch a movie
    1. Watching a movie is always a great way to pass time.
    2. You can watch something new, or something that you’ve seen several times.

I hope this helps you handle the stress of staying home.

Jake M.

If you enjoy sports, please visit Jake’s blog: Jake’s Daily Sports Report

Things I Do At Home by Matthew N.

Art is a form of love. Art is the ultimate gift. Art heals life. 
Robert Genn
Creating art relieves stress, builds self-esteem and fills us with a sense of purpose, accomplishment and peace.  At SEEDs for Autism we understand the healing power of art and recognize the importance of having an outlet to express ourselves creatively during these difficult times. Encouraged by his family, Matthew N. shares his thoughts, his inspiration and his amazing artwork with our readers.

The artist at work

Today is about 2 months that we are dealing with the coronavirus situation. My mom wanted me to write about my activities. I had to stay inside and worry about our future. I spent a lot of time painting to relax. New York City is a place that had many cases of Covid 19. I painted New York City under the lantern to represent the symbol of Hope. The lanterns light up the dark sky. I got the idea from the movie “Tangled”. I hope that things will be better soon but I hear mixed results. Some people on TV said that it is getting better. Some people said that it is worse. Everything is still confusing to me.

Matthew poses with his completed painting

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What I’ve Learned During the Break from SEEDs by Daniel N.

Hello, my name is Daniel and I’m going to be writing about what I’ve learned over the break.

I learned how to use Zoom, Duo, and Google calendar to get assignments. I learned Duo from my friend Kim so we could talk face to face. I learned Zoom from Justin, the Computer teacher at SEEDs and I learned Google calendar on my own.

I use Zoom to take martial arts fitness classes with Mrs. Lee and with Mr. Benton who is my teacher for Tai Kwon Do classes.  While it’s true that I can’t practice the practical aspects of Tai Kwon Do, such as self-defense, sparring, and board breaks, I can get practice in on my form and weapons.   

I use Google calendar to get informed about what’s going on at Seeds for Autism. 

I had my first zoom chat with Michele (Newsletter instructor), Francis and Brianna.   I was included in the Zoom meeting with my peers from Seeds.  I had to wait for recognition by the host of the meeting. I never knew how to navigate Zoom until I watched Justin’s educational   video (that was on the Google Calendar) on how to use the application for conferring with colleagues who might be on a business trip for example. Google calendar has helped me stay in the loop. 

I am staying active and connected during the outbreak of COViD 19 using online activities with Seeds and Tai Kwon Do with Mr. Benton and Mrs. Lee.  Missing seeing folks in person. Hope see everyone in 21 days. 

CRUSADERS For The Future (April update) by Chris M

Hey, guys. It’s been a while since COVID-19 started to change our lives, so I decided to share a new update on my project to lift things up for the rest of us. Here is your new Crusaders update for April 2020.

Recently, I have been doing some drawings for each section of my game proposal, such as Contents and Synopsis, during the break. Below is a piece of artwork for one of the titles that I made for my pitch.

This logo is meant for the Contents section for the latest version of the proposal. Each piece of concept art has been worked on at a slow pace. I hope all the work pays off.

I also found out about a production company located in Japan that provides artwork and illustrations for game development. I hope to contact them in the future to help out once I start putting my ideas together.

Overall, I’ve been finding ways to be productive during these hard times. Looking forward to coming back to SEEDS once all this is over. Miss you all.