Job Interview Role Play at SEEDs

For those on the autism spectrum, social interactions and new experiences are often a source of struggle. At SEEDs for Autism, we utilize Role Play as a powerful tool for social skill development. This effective technique enables participants to become familiar with different types of situations and empowers them with language and actions to appropriately participate in real life situations. Here, SEEDs participants engaged in a series of job interview Role Plays to help them prepare for entering the workforce. We asked them to share what they learned.

   Playing the role of the “Hiring Manager” Chris greets Francis as he arrives for his interview.

The best way to prepare for a job interview is to take a shower, make sure that you have a clean appearance, and are dressed in professional attire. Then, you should make sure you feel motivated to do well during the interview. Have a mock interview with someone you know and ask them to give you constructive criticism about your performance. Make sure you eat before you have the interview, so you don’t have an empty stomach, and then brush your teeth. After that, think about the questions that you might be asked and have a list of reasonable answers ready. Double check everything to make sure that you are one-hundred percent ready, then head out for the interview.

Body language is important because it tells the interviewer whether you are interested in getting the job or not. If you have a positive and professional posture then it tells them that you are excited to be there and genuinely want to get the job. Likewise, if you have poor posture then it tells them that you just don’t care about getting the job and would rather not be there. If your body language tells them that you don’t want the job, then they simply won’t give it to you. However, if your body says that you want the job, then you are much more likely to be given it.

Take a shower, comb your hair and brush your teeth and wear clean clothes like a nice shirt and nice pants for a job interview. It is important to have a positive attitude, stand up straight, look at the person who is talking, have a good handshake and smile. These show that you want the job.

After a successful job interview, Chris and Angel shake hands.

I learned that you have to be prepared for the interview and be professional. What I do is take a deep breath and think positive. During the job interview, I focus on staying calm, clear the mind and be polite, honest and respectful.

Positive attitude is the most important thing when you get a job. You don’t want to use a bad attitude cause you won’t get a job or earn money with a bad attitude.

Brian T demonstrates the importance of attitude during a job interview with his example of what NOT to do.


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