How to Actively Listen


The subject I want to talk about is how to actively listen to someone. When you’re engaged with someone, you have to give your full attention to them and ignore anything else that is a distraction. It’s important to actively listen to someone to show your respect to that person. I want to give you 4 steps to help you be an active listener.

There are four steps to actively listen to someone:

The first step in actively listening is to prepare yourself mentally. That means all current thoughts must be gone in order to be ready for the information that you’re about to take in.

The second step is to pay attention. Don’t allow any distractions to get in the way of you and the person talking. Active listening requires your full attention. Here at SEEDs we are learning about actively listening to someone when they’re talking. We learn that you have to ask questions to clarify any information you don’t understand. Also use small nods and positive gestures like, “I got you” or “I see”, that can boost the speaker’s confidence that you are paying attention. Don’t fidget or fiddle around because it can distract the speaker, shows you’re not listening and not respecting that person.

Step three is to allow that person to speak without interruption until they’re finished. Actively listening is critical to people who are in a conversation together. You give and take information that needs to be said and also what is important to either you or that person.

The last step is to give that person feedback and allow time to pass while you think about what you’re going to say to them. It’s necessary give feedback to the other person if they either say your name or nod for your input.

Actively listening is a key part in having a conversation with someone. It shows you want to listen to that person even when there are other people talking outside of your conversation. I hope you have learned a lesson on how to actively listen to someone.



Leadership Skills


Hello, my name is Megan and the subject I want to talk about is leadership qualities and why it’s so important to have them. There are 4 different characteristics I want to talk about that make you a good leader. The first one is having a vision. To be a good leader, you need a vision in order to be someone who helps others when they need it and a vision for what to accomplish. The second characteristic is values. You need to value someone else’s troubles over your own. The third one is empowerment. You can empower yourself by helping others around you by going above and beyond. Last but not least is encouragement. Encourage yourself and others to always be improving.

The first characteristic of being a good leader is vision. Envision yourself doing what is right for other people, even if they don’t ask for it. There will come a time when someone does ask for help and you will need to take charge and help them out. When you envision being a good leader, you can make a good impression on yourself and the other people around you. You should also visualize the goals of the people around you and help them envision what your goal is.

The second characteristic you need to be a good leader is value. Value other people’s problems over your own, so when you do, they will accept you as a good leader and look to you for help. You should also have your own personal values that you stick to and enforce as a group. For example, at SEEDs, we value having a positive attitude.

The third skill you need is empowerment. You can empower yourself to be the leader that everyone looks up to for help. It is also your job to empower others to accomplish their goals and be their best. At SEEDs, we are recognized when we empower others. Empower other people to be a good leader too, because that shows that you’re interested in helping others to do it. People can take turns at being a leader and everyone should be empowered.

The last skill is encouragement. You should be able to encourage yourself and others to do their best. Keep people motivated by encouraging them. It will make a good impression on you, but also on other people. When you encourage other people, it shows that you care about the group and it helps everyone accomplish more together.

When it comes to being a good leader at the workplace, you must be ready to take on any challenges you face. Leadership skills here at SEEDs are essential to being a better person outside of SEEDs. You can act upon it and show that you are a good person to others. When you show it at SEEDs you also have to show it anywhere else you go. I chose these characteristics of leadership because they are ones that I think are important. Let’s all work on being better leaders.


(This article was originally published in the SEEDs monthly newsletter)