Sharing Our Thoughts on Mother’s Day

Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.

Moms are always there for us, guiding us, supporting us, comforting us and loving us unconditionally! For Mother’s Day, we asked SEEDs participants to reflect on their lives and share with our audience what makes their Mom so special! Here are the wonderful results.

My mom is special because she does so much for me. I love my mom because she is awesome. My mom helps me gel my hair. We celebrate Mother’s Day by going shopping. I love my mom because she is fun to hang out with. 

I think Mother’s Day is a good holiday because you can go out to eat. I will buy my Mom a gift this year. I have to ask her to see what she wants. Mom is special because she takes me places. I also think she’s special by being kind to the family. I love my mom because she is special and kind, and courteous to others. She helps me by taking me to doctor’s appointments. We celebrate Mother’s Day by taking her out for lunch or dinner. I love my mom.

I help my mom with groceries and stuff. What I like about my mom is she raised me with my stepfather too. We celebrate Mother’s Day at my house or my brother’s house or a restaurant.

Mom is so sweet and happy. I love mom for making eggs and tortillas. My mom helps me watering plants. We celebrate Mother’s Day with cyan and blue hearts. I love my mom because she soo funny and sweet and nice.

Hello my name is Mark. I want to write about my mom. She is nice to me and she helps me to understand things. She helps me with my goals like learning to get my driver’s license.

My mom is special because she loves me. I love it when my mom gives me stuff and takes me to places I want. She helps me with my acting and singing for plays. We go to dinner for Mother’s Day. I love my mom because she’s a really good cook and she makes delicious food.

Mom helps me with driving. I like my Mom’s Cooking. My mom’s best cooking is Spaghetti and meatballs, Lasagna, steak and mashed potatoes, corn on a cob and Hamburger Helper. And she takes me on vacation and takes me to Disneyland and Disneyworld. She takes me to the movies and to all the amusement parks and she gives me birthday presents and Christmas presents.

Hello my name is Daniel and I’m going to be writing about my mom. She is very special because she helps me weed at Luna Azul. She also schedules rides for me and does pickup times calling Dial A Ride. They have a list of times available on the website. Sometimes 3:00 is not on the website. She has me booked for 1:00 on Friday for yoga with Regan, my instructor. My mom makes curried veggies with meat from the grocery store. I love my mom  because she supported my decision to put Queenie down. I did not want her to suffer. 

One way that I celebrate on Mother’s Day is that I find a gift for her like a notebook to write in and a bracelet. Also to have dinner together.

I am supported by my mother in ways that far surpass the value of any material possession. She provided me with all the necessary tools needed for critical thinking and understanding other people’s perspectives. These tools have proven to be valuable assets to becoming an independent adult. She’s a very creative person, and though I did not necessarily inherit those genes, my mother’s imprinting shows how I am able to be so dynamic in spite of being on the Spectrum. My mother helps me remain on track with my life’s goals, provides nourishment, and even if I didn’t need as much support from her, she will always be there for me when I’m at a low point. My family and I have a meal together at my Grandmother’s house and exchange gifts. Though I’m still getting used to figuring out what people like, I eagerly anticipate seeing their reactions to receiving my presents – though albeit, with a bit of underlying anxiety. Nevertheless, they always appreciate the kind gesture and return the favor in earnest. I love my mom because she never gives up on me,

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